Time And Attendance Programs- Easy Employee Tracking For Business Use

Attendance Programs Featuring Biometrics

Every company that has paid employees needs a form of time and attendance. Whether it’s a pen and paper, or a pin and password, one way or the other employees sign in and out of work. Online or in stores there is many attendance programs to chose from. Depending on what you want and/or need, the prices can vary significantly. Most attendance programs will be delivered in the form of software you install on your computer. Some require special equipment, or certain requirements to work. MinuteHound is different, and the price points fit any budget. With a world of benefits at your fingertips, MinuteHound beats out any of the other attendance programs you will come across!

So what makes MinuteHound different compared to most other attendance programs? For starters, MinuteHound time clock software installs on any PC and runs in the background. Nothing is ever stored on your computer, as MinuteHound uses the latest cloud technology to keep your information safe and secure. Other attendance programs will keep images and prints right there on the scanner or computer. Not MinuteHound. Your information is never at risk, and it always stays private. The biggest difference is price. You pay per month with MinuteHound, compared to other attendance programs which will make you pay upfront. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per employee, every company can enjoy the benefits of biometrics in their business with MinuteHound.

Other Differences Between Attendance Programs and MinuteHound

Besides price and security, MinuteHound features text and email alerts. Some other attendance programs will charge extra, but with MinuteHound it’s included. If any of your workforce show up late or leave early, you will be notified. A text and/or email will be sent out if anyone shows up late, leaves early, or forgets to clock-in or out. Overtime will never creep up, and your payroll will always be correct.

MinuteHound Does The Heavy Lifting For You!While other attendance programs require a dedicated computer, MinuteHound doesn’t. You can use your office computer like usual with MinuteHound installed. Your computer won’t become slow, nor lack in performance. Some attendance programs require employees to enter in pins or passwords, but with MinuteHound all they do is swipe their finger. All times are recorded live and available for viewing online 24/7 from any internet connection in the world. Don’t settle for less with other attendance programs. MinuteHound is all you need and more for a true solution for your company.

Outdated And Expired Attendance Programs Don’t Cut It

With mobile access, you can be anywhere and use MinuteHound to your advantage. From the golf course, you can see who is on shift. While waiting in line somewhere, edit some reports. How about before your movie starts, go ahead and export payroll. It’s that easy, and if you do ever have questions you will always have answers. Live friendly support is standing by to help. No more time theft or buddy punching. MinuteHound is also green and paperless. Other attendance programs don’t offer nearly as much, and more than likely cost more than MinuteHound. Make an easy decision and upgrade today!

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