Biometric Vs. Proximity Time Clock- Badges, Readers, and Fingerprints

Proximity Time Clock And Biometrics: How They Are Different

If your thinking about buying a proximity time clock, read this short article first. Instead of installing a machine so your staff can enter a pin or swipe a badge, realize this is an outdated method of time and attendance. A proximity time clock does NOT protect you against payroll fraud, buddy punching, and time theft. The only true way to keep employees honest and stop cheating is by having your employees verify their attendance prior to recording their time. A proximity time clock will not do this. Biometrics will, and that is why your business needs biometrics, not a proximity time clock.

An HID proximity time clock will record time, just not accurately. If your employees are always honest, never make a mistake, and always do the right thing, then a simple pen and paper would be sufficient! However, in most cases employees do steal time and make mistakes. If they didn’t, there would be no need for a proximity time clock or any other form of time and attendance. What you and every business needs is a safeguard and a true solution that will solve all of your staffing issues. MinuteHound is that solution, and over 150,000 users clock-in and out of work every day by using their fingerprint.

Proximity Time Clock- Pros and Cons

When you buy a proximity time clock, you also have to buy HID cards for your staff. Depending on your staffing levels, this could be pricey. Let alone the actual cost for the proximity time clock itself, supplies and upkeep alone will have you spending more than it’s worth. In addition, these cards and badges can be shared among friends at work. This is how your staff members steal time and cheat the system. The badge is only as honest as the employee swiping it.

Secure Fingerprinting With MinuteHoundBiometrics on the other hand eliminate time theft and cheating, as fingerprints cannot be shared. Employees must show up on time and not leave early to receive a full day’s pay. A proximity time clock does not offer accuracy. MinuteHound’s time clock is also the size of a computer mouse. It takes up no space and plugs into any computer. Your office will be upgraded without having to break the bank. MinuteHound is biometric leader in time and attendance, and your business will benefit by using this system.

Why MinuteHound Beats Any Proximity Time Clock

MinuteHound is not a one time purchase. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront for a proximity time clock, you pay per month with MinuteHound. You only pay for your current staffing levels, so MinuteHound fits any and all budgets. There is no additional equipment to buy with MinuteHound. All you need is the scanner and an internet connection. A proximity time clock will require your staff to remember pins, passwords, and their badges. MinuteHound requires no more than a fingerprint. Safe, secure, and 100% accurate. Work smarter not harder. MinuteHound is the solution your looking for!

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