Lawsuits And Litigation: An Attendance Recorder Protects Businesses

Accurate Attendance Recorder Can Be A Lifesaver

Using MinuteHound finger scanning as an attendance recorder goes way beyond counting payroll hours. Accurate, reliable records protect the company needs in a wide variety of legal, financial, and management areas. Legally, an attendance recorder gives you a way to track employees checking in and out in case HR action is needed. With rock solid records, you have backup to discourage litigation. All employees, exempt and non exempt, can scan in each day. You’ve then got records for compliance with a variety of Federal and State requirements.

Financially, an attendance recorder gives you the data you need to run an accurate payroll. You can put temp workers in the system. Whether or not they’re your direct staff you’ll keep close track of their hours. MinuteHound charges $1.00 per employee. If you hire temp or seasonal employees the attendance recorder is your perfect tool. You can add/remove employees whenever you want. Since MinuteHound is a monthly subscription, you can add or remove as many employees as you want and only be charged for how many active employees you have in the system. Save money and run your business smoothly with a biometric attendance recorder.

Attendance Recorder Saves You Time And Money

For management, the attendance recorder shows workers’ habits. It avoids “while the boss is away” behavior when management is offsite or traveling. The workplace is watched. Everyone knows that the attendance recorder is a fair referee of arrivals and departures. Arguing over days and hours worked just won’t happen. Finger scanning clearly shows who clocked in and out, and when.

MinuteHound attendance recorder stores records of finger scans as each worker arrives and departs. It recognizes each one uniquely by fingerprint matching science. Images are never stored, prints are never on file. Instead, prints are broken down into numbers. 100% safe and secure. It uses a Web secure time standard for accuracy. MinuteHound stores the records in the cloud. That means they’re on a global Web group of servers. Data is secure and reliable. It’s reachable from any Web browser, anywhere.

Access Your Records From Anywhere Using Cloud TehcnologyMinuteHound records can help with state payroll and labor rules also. Vacation, jury duty, and sick time use and related record keeping are covered. The data can be stored into Excel and other programs for processing. MinuteHound always provides secure and reliable records retention. Cloud-based secure storage around the globe takes care of that.

Change Your Business With An Attendance Recorder

An attendance recorder makes life easier and more efficient. It is a managers dream come true. Management and staff can quickly pull up a list and count of workers currently in the building. In the case of a fire or emergency, that’s needed quickly. All employees can be located and checked off, so that no one is left behind during crisis. MinuteHound’s real time, accurate work records protect your company and keep you informed.

You can also try this system 100% risk free. The scanner price is $99.95, which is a one time fee for life. If you try MinuteHound out for 2 months or 2 years, if you ever decide it’s not for you, simply return the scanner. You will even get a pre-paid return shipping label if you decide, at any point, that the attendance recorder is not the true solution for your business. You only pay for the amount of staff and locations you have, that’s it. No hidden fees or extra costs. MinuteHound is also green, which saves you money on never having to buy supplies. Upgrade today and save!

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