Time Tracker App Helps Managers Track Employee Time, Conduct Payroll

Time Tracker App Helps Managers And Staff

MinuteHound is a unique time and attendance solution, as it fits any size business. It does not matter what your service or product is, as MinuteHound helps internal management, and gives managers the tools and resources to make their time more efficient. The time tracker app is not something you download to your phone or iPad, but instead a new concept for businesses that is designed to save money, and make life easier. Currently, your business uses time cards, sheets, pins, passwords, or badges. In some fashion, your staff records their time. Now, with MinuteHound your staff will use their fingers. This eliminates buddy punching, payroll fraud, and all mistakes. The time tracker app can be installed on any PC in any office setting.

The time tracker app makes your office green. There is no paper products required to run MinuteHound. This benefit alone will increase your yearly savings. Now, MinuteHound is accessible from any mobile device and from any internet connection in the world. There is no time tracker app to download and install on your iPhone or Droid, for it’s not needed. Once you log-in to your admin portal your able to view/edit/modify any information from anywhere. Even employees on the basic level can log-in and view their own hours. There is 5 different permissions settings, giving everyone an easier way to track time, and most important track time accurately.

How The Time Tracker App Actually Works

Once you setup an account with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. It takes about 2-3 days for the scanner to arrive. All you do is plug it into the PC of your choice, and the time tracker app is installed. In under 10 minutes, you will be ready to go. You do not need to be any sort of technical expert, it’s step by step instructions. After the time tracker app is installed and setup, you register your employees. You enter their information, then have them place their finger on the scanner. It’s that easy to begin a brand new transformation in your office.

The Time Tracker App Makes Your Office VirtualYour employees show up to work and place their finger right on the scanner. Same process for breaks and leaving work. The time tracker app records all time live. This means you as a manager can log-in from the beach on your mobile device and see who is at work, in which department, and much more. Also, since your employees use fingerprints, all the errors are gone. No more fudging numbers or covering for friends. The time tracker app ensures accuracy and keeps employees honest 24/7.

The Time Tracker App Is The Spark Your Office Needs

Payroll is also a breeze with a time tracker app. Not only do fingerprints guarantee accuracy, but MinuteHound has a built in alert system as well. If your staff shows up late or leaves early managers receive a text and email message letting you know. If employees “forget” to clock-in or out, an alert is sent. There is no fooling or cheating this system. The time tracker app on your PC is ground zero for savings and reduced costs. Live friendly technical support whenever need it, no long term obligations, and at $1.00 per employee makes MinuteHound the easiest and smartest decision you as an owner or manager will ever make! The time tracker app is also risk free, so you have nothing to lose! Upgrade today and realize all the benefits and features modern technology can do for your business.

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