New and Improved Student Attendance Management System

Student Attendance Management System: Keeping Students Safe

From charter schools to universities, a student attendance management system can greatly improve record keeping and help schools meet attendance quotas. Charter schools that want to receive federal funding must keep good student attendance records. Public schools that want to save time and ensure that kids arrive and leave school safely, can use a student attendance management system to save time. Universities can use a student attendance management system to ensure a student arrives for and takes a test. Fingerprint based student attendance management systems provide the best attendance tool for all types of schools.

Alerting Parents
By requiring all students to swipe their finger when arriving at class, a school can ensure that students arrived safely. Parents will appreciate the easy access provided by the student attendance management system and know they can check attendance anytime of the day.

Testing Options
When you need to make sure that all students arrived at a testing center, you can use a student attendance management system to track attendance. Set up a special testing group and you can track the students show up for the test. If a student shows up, but doesn’t turn in a test, the administrator can follow up to see what happened. This also prevents other students from taking a test. Even identical twins can’t get away with taking each others tests since each fingerprint is unique.

Class Enrollment
Biometrics in SchoolsSchools can set up a student attendance system to provide separate attendance for each classroom as well as a school-wide attendance log. Students swipe their fingerprint across the pad to show that they arrived to class on time and safely. Teachers can get alerts to their email or cell when a student doesn’t arrive. This allows teachers to provide a few extra minutes to allow late students to arrive before starting a crucial activity. It also provides a way to check against the school wide attendance roster to see if that student showed up for school that day.

Field Trips
Take a laptop with you and have students swipe their finger on the pad with you to ensure that students get on the bus. With a mobile hotspot connection, you can take the laptop on the go, or print a list of students before you leave the school to ensure that all of the students are accounted for. This prevents the chance that a student might get left behind.

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