Badge Swipe Time Clocks VS Biometric Time Clocks

Businesses Save Time and Money With The MinuteHound Timekeeping System Over Badge Swipe Time Clocks

Year after year businesses experience monetary loss due to inaccurate time keeping and fraud. These activities can now be drastically reduced with the right time keeping and attendance system. Traditional time keeping systems rely on employee pass codes or badge swipe time clocks that can be manipulated easily. Time and attendance systems like MinuteHound provide businesses with the accountability that cannot be matched by human managers alone. Here are some of the benefits and features of the time keeping system that has companies switching from
badge swipe time clocks to more accurate, efficient biometric-based time and attendance systems.

Badge Swipe Time Clocks Don’t Prevent Schedule Manipulations
Operation managers work hard to generate schedules that provide adequate coverage for critical business tasks. Inevitably, the schedule changes because one or more employees want to work at different times. These changes can create a scheduling nightmare without the right software system, supporting company policies and good communication among the team. Also, some employees may decide that they are able to work more than their allotted hours which incurs unwanted overtime expenses. These employees get reprimanded, but managers are held fully accountable for the extra charges to their budgets.

Traditional time keeping solutions that use badge swipe time clocks do nothing to stop employees from manipulating work schedules. For example, workers may switch badges with others to work when they see fit, and shifts may not be adequately staffed. Also, a person using badge swipe time clocks could sign in and proceed to work overtime without managers having a clue until after the fact. Biometric time keeping systems like MinuteHound eliminate these issues by having an employee use the unique identifying element of a fingerprint for clocking in and out for work. The system also sends managers alerts when employees have exceeded their allotted work hours or when shifts are over or under staffed.

Time Theft Goes Unchecked With Traditional Badge Swipe Time Clocks
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineWith time keeping systems that use pass codes or badge swipe time clocks, employees who lack integrity can easily steal from the businesses for which they work by sharing their codes or badges with a buddy; they never even have to show up for work in some cases. This type of theft is virtually eliminated by biometric timekeeping systems like MinuteHound.

Some time keeping systems that use badge swipe time clocks can be programmed to flag employee overtime. However, the integrated MinuteHound system quickly provides managers with more flexible options to decide whether overtime is needed to cover shifts.

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