Biometric Time Attendance In The Workplace- Massive Benefits

The Secret of Biometric Time Attendance

If you are using badges, punch cards or passwords for employee timekeeping, then chances are high that you have not yet heard about biometric time attendance. Biometric time attendance is a new timekeeping strategy that is geared toward saving a company money. You can save between 2 and 8 percent on payroll by adopting this system and getting rid of your current time keeping system. Every day you use an outdated time keeping system, you are putting your company at risk for monetary losses. Companies have lost tens of thousands of dollars just on payroll losses alone. The biometric time attendance system can eliminate all errors.

What is Biometric Time Attendance?
Biometric time attendance is time keeping by use of employee fingerprints. The system sounds complex, but it is not difficult to use. However, its functionality is ingenious. You keep track of your employees’ time punches by having them place their fingers on a scanner. The scanner records their fingerprints and sends the data to a remote server. You and your appointed management staff can monitor employee activities online from any location. Managers who are on vacation can effortlessly monitor the employee work shifts and ensure that no one is clocking in or out if they should not be doing such. The managers can change the schedule according to their findings. The biometric time attendance is the most convenient time keeping system on the market.

The Equipment
You will receive a small fingerprint scanner if you order the biometric time attendance system today. You can connect the scanner to a computer by using a cable. The system does not come with complex instruction booklets or complicated parts. Setting it up is a breeze, and you will probably have it done within two minutes. The system will work for you the minute you connect it to the computer.

The Pricing
Work Tracking Through BiometricsThe price for this amazing biometric time attendance system is pleasurable. You will not have to spend several thousand dollars for this highly technical equipment. In fact, you will not have to spend several hundred dollars. The fingerprint scanner is $99.95 for a limited time. Your monthly plan varies with the number of employees and locations. Your cost is $24.95 for one location with 20 employees or less.

The best part about the system is that you do not have to commit to anything. You do not have to pay hidden fees, and you do not have to worry about cancellation costs. You are not obligated to continue service in any way. However, you will most likely be prompted to keep the MinuteHound system when you realize how much money your business saves.

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