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Are you still using the outdated system of time cards? If so, you might be interested in the web clock time from MinuteHound. The company uses a system that simplifies the punch in and punch out process. Every year, time theft costs US employers an estimated $400 billion in lost productivity. What can you do to combat the problem? With the web clock time from MinuteHound, the time and attendance software eliminates time theft.

The biggest issue with the obsolete time card is that anyone can clock in or out. You never know if an unscrupulous coworker clocked out for your employee. When you use web clock time from MinuteHound, the technology utilizes a biometric fingerprint system that brings time theft to a screeching halt. Because no two individuals in the world have the same fingerprint, that makes it virtually impossible for time theft to take place. In addition, the software from MinuteHound is so advanced that whenever an employee clocks in or out of work, you will be informed of their coming and going. A lot of business owners do not take breaks from work because they know that time theft is happening in the workplace. If they leave, it will leave the door open to it happening more often. With MinuteHound, if you choose to take a vacation, you will receive email notifications to your inbox about when an employee clocks in and out of work with the web clock time software.

Employees Stay Honest When Using Web Clock Time

The biggest advantage of MinuteHound is how it keeps everyone honest. You can also choose the Web-based option that lets employees log their time from an iPad, Mac, PC, smartphone or iPhone. As long as you have an Internet connection, MinuteHound can log and track the time of your employees through its web clock time technology.

Some business owners have understandable apprehension about the data security of a system. You want to protect your business from the havoc of a data breach. Through the web clock time system of MinuteHound, the company uses 128-bit encryption when transferring data. The developers of this technology also made it as intuitive and navigable as possible when using it.

Most business owners do not have time to play around with software. They want it to work so that they can focus on the more crucial aspects of their business, and MinuteHound does not have a learning curve. In addition, you do not need a professional to teach you how to use it. You simply plug in the technology and start using it. When it comes to this web clock time software, the company offers around the clock support to answer questions. Check out this web clock time technology risk-free and the typical cost is just pennies a day.

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