Beat The Puncher with Clock in and out Software!

Clock in and out Software Knocks out the Punch!

If the title of this article makes sense to you, you probably have a traditional paper card time punch machine in your workplace. And since you are here, you are fully aware of the flaws of such a system. Timekeeping isn’t cheap. Not only that, but inefficient and dishonest timekeeping costs wads of cash you have better uses for. You want to eliminate “Buddy Punching” and employees writing in their time. You know you are losing 5% of your payroll expenses to fraud and mistakes, and you’re fed up with it. You want to know what to do and how to do it. You are worried it will be costly and be more a hassle than switching is worth.

You could not be more wrong. The solution is simple, costs pennies a day, and requires no training, staff, or computer memory. The name is MinuteHound Clock in and out Software. It is cloud-based so information cannot be lost. It is paperless, uncorruptable, and fully automated. You get real-time views of who came in, when they came in, and in which department they are working in. You can have email or text alerts if someone is late or absent. You will have readings of employee hours that integrate with your current payroll system in spreadsheet, PDF, Excel or ASCII formats saving you another 2% of payroll costs. Gone is collecting punch cards, tabulating what’s printed on there (if you can read it), cataloging and storing those cards. Buddy punching is out the window, along with the weight of worry you’re carrying by being concerned about such things. Welcome back peace of mind and profits!

Clock in and out Software Makes This Happen

MinuteHound Clock in and out Software is cutting edge. It authenticates and protects the identity of each employee and is surprisingly easy to install and use. Your staff walks in the door and touches their fingertip to a scanner. Only they can punch themselves in, and they don’t have to worry either as their biometric fingerprint is completely encrypted. Originally created for military bases, the technology is now available for you to set your business apart.

Everyone Wins with MinuteHound!Thousands of companies are already enjoying the security, efficiency, and savings that the MinuteHound clock in and out software provides. Customer service is 24/7 by web, email, or phone. It’s fully guaranteed and user-friendly. This is the way the future is headed. Take the first step. Get rid of some major flaws in your workplace and get out of the past.

MinuteHound Clock in and out Software Is Yours

You own your business and you want to see it thrive. So does MinuteHound. We’ll work with you and ensure your success with our clock in and out software. No matter the size of your staff or building, it will fit you. It will save you money. It will keep things honest. It might make your trip to the bank a little slower as you’ll have more to carry to the deposit window, but we can live with that. Contact us today and put us to work for your work!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In And Out Software: Beat The Puncher! Save Money!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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