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Yes, Clock in and out Software Can Make THE Difference

Are the facts about Clock in and out Software appealing to you? Have you decided you MUST change your timekeeping system because it’s costing you money and creating as many problems as its supposed to solve? Are you worried a contract with such a system might be lengthy and complicated? Get rid of those fears! MinuteHound Clock in and out Software is designed to make this as easy and cost-effective as possible. With a 100% guarantee, it’s completely risk free. There is no training required. It’s fully automated, cloud-based, and comes with no strings attached. There are no contracts to sign. You simply purchase the scanner, plug the system in, and see the savings start and the headaches stop.

It could be that a bad experience brought you to this point. Have your employees “stolen” time from you? If you’re hoping no, think again. Time theft is widely known as “buddy punching”, and it accounts for 5% of American payroll expenses. That means your employees. If you even have a slight suspicion your employees may be punching in for each other, take it from other employers, THEY ARE. Punching a time card freely allows this. What also allows this is systems that only need passwords. Employees simply give coworkers their personal passwords to clock them in when they are running late. It’s too easy to manipulate these systems. MinuteHound Clock in and out Software has set the bar for this industry by providing a foolproof method to ensure that you are paying your employees for the exact time worked.

How MinuteHound Clock in and out Software Works for You

Biometric fingerprint technology was first created for military bases. We all know that no two sets of fingerprints are alike, and when your employees clock in using their fingerprint, buddy punching is eliminated. No writing in time on punch cards or time sheets. A quick, simple touch to a scanner pad at the entry door is all it takes. Instantly each individual is recognized, logged in, and you have access to their attendance from anywhere in the world via the web.

Barack Obama Receiving Text Based Alerts!Be Like Our Commander in Chief! You can receive e-mail and text based alerts about who is late or absent, and you have access to paperless spreadsheet accounting for staff hours. The technology is cloud based, so it can never be lost, and it’s paperless, user-friendly, and it protects the identities of your employees by being thoroughly encrypted.

Clock in and out software is cost effective for both small and large businesses. If you have a large facility, a scanner by each door gives you real-time readings of where your employees are. If payroll is not your concern but attendance is, MinuteHound Clock in and out Software can be tailored to your needs. Just ask. Just try it. Just do yourself this favor!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In And Out Software: Envision Your Future With Us!

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