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Using A Timesheet Calculator As Your Time And Attendance Solution

A timesheet calculator has a plethora of benefits for employers and business owners. MinuteHound has developed a truly unique and advanced system for companies of all industries, background and size. It is low-cost, easy to use, and most of all reliable. A timesheet calculator replaces your current time and attendance system. If it is time cards, badges, ID’s, pins, passwords or anything in between, you can throw those outdated systems away. MinuteHound’s timesheet calculator is the full and true solution for your business. Once you upgrade to a timesheet calculator, it means that you now have the most modern form of technology in your workplace. Biometric fingerprint recognition is the driving force behind MinuteHound.

Biometric technology is how businesses save money. It is the only true and accurate way for employers to hold employees accountable. Fingerprint recognition keeps employees honest 24/7. It is the same as having a manager on site round the clock to ensure employees are showing up at the right time, at the right place. What MinuteHound has done is taken this technology and upgraded it. Now, you not only have fingerprint recognition, you also have online access, alert systems, live reporting, and so much more. The timesheet calculator is the software that will make your company more successful. It will help reduce costs, and increase savings. The timesheet calculator eliminates human error. There are no more mistakes.

The Timesheet Calculator Simplifies Payroll

The first step to success is by creating an account. After your setup, a fingerprint time clock is shipped to you in the mail. This fingerprint time clock is your biometric scanner. You simply plug it in to any computer you have, and the timesheet calculator is downloaded. From now on, when your employees show up, leave, or take a break they simply swipe their finger. It takes under 2 seconds for the entire process. The timesheet calculator is very easy to use and setup. It is the same as installing a printer. If you need help just call. Service and support are always available.

The Timesheet Calculator Saves You Money. Be Happy!Processing payroll is now done within a few clicks. The timesheet calculator does all the work for you. There are no reports to look at and total. The manual labor of counting hours and reviewing sign in sheets is over. The timesheet calculator will give you all the tools you need. You can export reports to spreadsheets, Excel, PDF, or ASCII. In addition, you can send your reports to popular accounting systems most businesses already use. The timesheet calculator software is all your business needs to completely spark a change.

MinuteHound Timesheet Calculator Advantages

The timesheet calculator requires no training. There is no learning curve. Staff and managers alike will use this system from the start. However if you ever need help, you will have it. The timesheet calculator is not a product you buy off a shelf. It is a solution. There is no inventory to manage or keep track of. The timesheet calculator is 100% paperless. Save money on many fronts. Records are stored offsite. You can access and view reports from anywhere, at anytime. In bed, at home, eating out or on vacation you have access.

Whenever there is an update to the software, you will get it. It will never expire. No additional costs or fine print. There is no long term commitment. You can cancel at anytime. The price points pay for themselves. The timesheet calculator is the smartest decision for your business. Try it now risk free!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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