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Best Time Tracking System- Time and Attendance for Business

Every company has time and attendance in place. Whether it be a simple pen and paper to a big machine employees use, one way or the other time gets recorded. The biggest problem and obstacle owners and managers face is buddy punching, time theft, human error, and payroll fraud. These small problems add up to huge losses. These challenges face every company, regardless of size and structure. Every company has late employees, friends who cover for one another, and those who cheat on their time sheets. That is why so many companies offer services to stop time theft. It’s a big problem, however, so simple and easy to stop. This is where MinuteHound’s best time tracking system comes into place.

The best time tracking system provides business owners and managers a way to keep employees honest at all times. A system that offers tools and support to assist, not complicate. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance, and helps all sized companies with their time and attendance needs. Over 150,000 users clock-in and out everyday with MinuteHound. The best time tracking system is quick and simple to setup, easy to learn, and highly effective.

The Best Time Tracking Just Makes Sense

Doesn’t it makes sense to have your employees verify their attendance before recording their time? Otherwise, how else do you know without a doubt who worked and when? Employees are not always honest, they make mistakes, and friends cover for each other. That is the truth, and is the exact reason why MinuteHound created the best time tracking system on the market. By having all staff verify who they are, all questions and lost time go away. Cheating can no longer occur. MinuteHound’s best time tracking system combines a powerful time clock, software, and the latest technology to reduce costs and increase savings for all businesses.

Best Time Tracking Drives Results and Increases Savings!The best time tracking system doesn’t just make sense, it’s affordable. The time clock, which is a small device the size of a computer mouse, is a one time fee of $99.95. This time clock is biometric, and employees swipe their finger or thumb to verify attendance prior to recording their time. No more time sheets, punch cards, pins or passwords. Just a single swipe. The best time tracking system records all attendance information in real time, meaning from any internet connection in the world managers can view/edit reports and conduct payroll. By verifying attendance, reports are always accurate.

Additional Features of The Best Time Tracking System

The best time tracking system includes powerful and easy to use time clock software. The software is easily installed on any computer and runs in the background. There is no need to dedicate a computer to run it. It takes about 10 minutes, and the professional team at MinuteHound can help you every step of the way if you need it. Enrolling employees is also a breeze. The best time tracking system allows employees to scan their finger or thumb and then get to work or leave for the day.

The best time tracking system also cures errors. Whether it’s intentional or honest, MinuteHound has a text and email alert system. This way, if any employee arrives late, tries to leave early, or doesn’t show up at all, an e-mail or text can be sent as a reminder. This way, there is no excuse on why someone did not clock-in or out. Flawless records means savings, and is the reason why MinuteHound is the best time tracking system available!

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