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Time Tracking Solutions- Office Time and Attendance

For any office or workplace setting, time and attendance is a must. Many companies offer a variety of time tracking solutions, such as punch cards, pins, passwords, and the most basic, time sheets. MinuteHound is different, as it only offers 1: biometrics. Instead of relying on employees being honest and not making mistakes, MinuteHound keeps employees honest and corrects mistakes. A simple swipe of a finger to verify attendance automatically stops time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud. A combination of time tracking solutions all in one. Also, combined with cloud computing MinuteHound is foolproof, simple, affordable, and a must have for any business.

Other time tracking solutions offer additional features for additional costs, not MinuteHound. It’s all included in a low monthly fee. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, it fits any budget. Since all employees need a method to record time, why not spend a dollar on each of them to make sure it’s accurate? None of the other time tracking solutions out there have live technical support, lifetime updates, and 24/7 access for one low fee. MinuteHound is the leader in biometric time and attendance for a reason: it works!

Time Tracking Solutions- Why Biometrics Are Key

If any of the time tracking solutions you’re looking at is not biometrics, look away! Technology is great, and even better when it works on your behalf. By having your staff clock-in and out with a simple swipe of a finger or thumb, attendance is guaranteed to be accurate. Friends cannot cover for each other, and all types of cheating are over. For the only way to clock-in or out with MinuteHound is by being physically present. This way when it’s time to conduct payroll owners and managers know for a fact that time that is shown, has been verified.

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeBiometrics are also safe to use. While other time tracking solutions might store or keep fingerprints on file, again MinuteHound does the opposite. Fingerprints are broken down into numbers, keeping information safe at all times. All data transfers are secured with 128-bit encryption. Since MinuteHound is cloud based, all information is stored offsite. This means even if the computer was stolen or broken it would not affect personal data. MinuteHound is secure, safe, and easy convenient.

Time Tracking Solutions Should Include Text and Email Alerts

In order to properly ensure attendance, text and email alerts must be included. This is how mistakes and errors are corrected. If an employee shows up late, leaves early, or simply forgets to clock-in a message will be sent. This system ensures that even honest mistakes are fixed. All time tracking solutions should include this feature. It is necessary for businesses to keep accurate records. MinuteHound has over 150,000 users from every type of industry. Put technology to work for you today!

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