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Biometric technology has evolved into an affordable option for businesses looking for timekeeping solutions. In today’s competitive economy, the level of employee productivity can be the determining factor in the sustainability of your business. Did you know that the average American spends more than eight hours a day in their place of employment? Since employers are required to pay for the time an employee dedicates to his or her job, achieving a high level of productivity is necessary. A biometric fingerprint scanner is the first step to reaching that goal.

Below are three ways you can increase employee productivity by swapping your old-fashioned time clock for a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner:

Measure Activity and Overall Productivity
If you want to increase your employees’ level of productivity, first you must be able to accurately measure their overall productivity. Whether your goal is to increase sales or your overall ROI, it’s imperative to determine the amount of time employees are actually working. MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner helps improve overall punctuality of your employees. It’s innovative technology captures the precise moment they punch in or out simply by touching their finger to the scanner. As such, you are able to effectively gauge who is arriving late and how often they do it.

Set Goals and Give Feedback
With traditional time tracking methods, it’s almost impossible to determine who clocked in late. Unfortunately, camaraderie among co-workers leads to illegal buddy punching and time theft. A biometric fingerprint scanner erases the threat immediately. Since your employees need to touch the scanner to verify their fingerprints, it’s impossible to cover up for their colleagues. Engaging with your employees allows them to understand how truly important it is to arrive on time and work their shift in full. Not only does this increase overall productivity levels, but it also gives employees a sense of responsibility. As a business owner or manager, it’s also a good idea to measure progress and analyze unproductive hours. A biometric fingerprint scanner can help to determine who is spending too much time in the cafeteria or taking excessively long lunch breaks. By identifying the areas where employees are struggling most, you then can find ways to help them increase their productivity.

Biometric Time Solution
By installing a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner, employers can effectively see who is having trouble with their time commitments. Not only does this eliminate payroll fraud, but it also helps employees visualize where they are wasting the most time. It then becomes easier to focus on erasing those distractions. With such a high level of technology, you probably think you need to endure hours of boring training, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner, you simply plug the USB into the chosen computer within the workplace and then register your employees.

Streamlining the Payroll Process

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner not only has a positive impact of employee productivity, but it also eliminates the hours spent on manual payroll processing. Businesses using manual time tracking strategies spend at least five hours completing payroll. A biometric fingerprint scanner cuts that time in half by preventing the loss of productive hours and reducing the overall payroll processing time.

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