Browser Time Clock for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Finding Browser Time Clock Essential for Efficiency

Trying to operate a growing business has it’s tedious obligations. It can feel as though the list is never ending. It would always be optimal to have things running as efficiently as possible. With technology continuously advancing we see more tools being developed to help make our time more efficient then ever. Time is precious and we never seem to be able to get enough of it. This being one of the reasons why MinuteHound developed a browser time clock that has helped so many people make the most out of their time and money.

Tired of dealing with the mess of organizing payroll time cards? MinuteHound uses a quick and easy fingerprint scanner to monitor employee attendance. With this straightforward technology that entails less room for error. What this means for you is no more time clock manipulation. No more unauthorized overtime. All you need is a fingertip and all information is processed through. In addition to the scanner, MinuteHound has a a browser time clock. This browser time clock allows for employees to record their time via any smartphone or PC, from anywhere!

Concerned about personal information confidentiality? Rest easy because this system never saves information on file. This browser time clock uses cloud based technology for more secure measures. No more wasting paper for time clock records, and you will still be able to keep employee information secure. No other browser time clock will be able to protect you while also saving you payroll processing time.

Internet Based Time TrackingNow you can manage your payroll like never before. Don’t have time to swing by the office? Or maybe your on vacation and you can’t help the need to check in on things? Just grab your phone or tablet and login to the browser time clock and see exactly who’s clocked in. You can manage your payroll from just about anywhere. This type of accessibility is ideal for staying on track while you may be away. This feature also allows you to be able to record time manually, or make any adjustments needed.
Not only can you manage your payroll from anywhere with a secure browser time clock, but this unique system will provide you with detailed reports. Collected employee information is gathered in the system and used to created attendance reports, which makes keeping track of employee tardiness all the more effortless.

MinuteHound is easy to install and requires no training to operate. The quick set up and user friendly system almost guarantees to save you on time. And the best part? There is a money back guarantee! If you feel like it’s just not for you simply return the time clock. No other product can promise you full satisfaction with no commitment like MinuteHound. Being able to use both the fingerprint scanner in addition to the browser time clock is a combo no business or entrepreneurs can be without!

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