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Simple and Effective: Biometric Attendance Machine

MinuteHound is a biometric attendance machine. It allows employees to clock in and out with their finger. This time and attendance system eliminates the need for time cards and reduces errors. MinuteHound makes it easier to monitor employee activity. In addition, it simplifies payroll accounting. Managers can view employees’ attendance records 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This advanced biometric attendance machine has the ability to send out a notification by text or e-mail when an employee is late or leaves early. The system is simple to use. No training is needed. Employees will see a green indicator when they have clocked in or out. MinuteHound will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for payroll processing.

The MinuteHound biometric attendance machine is cloud based time clock software. It uses 128 bit encryption to transfer data to ensure security. The technology translates fingerprints into a binary code. This code is transmitted across the internet. This information is recorded at a remote server. The biometric attendance machine is comprised of two parts. The first is the scanner that employees use to physically clock-in and out everyday. The second part is a web portal that can be accessed from any location with internet access. A 6 foot USB cord allows the time clock to be connected to the computer. Extensions cords are available to allow workstations to be set up as much as 54 feet away from the computer. The biometric time clock is small. It can be positioned on a wall, desk or shelf.

128-Bit Encrypted Cloud Based SoftwareThis biometric attendance machine will also help save the company money. The MinuteHound eliminates time theft and buddy punching. Managers can prevent unauthorized overtime. Alerts can be set up to signal the employee and the manager if an employee clocks in or out at any time other than their designated shift. It is estimated that companies lose as much as $148 billion dollars each year as a result of faulty time and attendance devices. The MinuteHound biometric attendance machine has been proven to save companies between 2 and 8 percent on payroll. The MinuteHound is an excellent investment for both small and large businesses. The average company realizes a 2,300 percent return on their investment!

Biometric Attendance Machine Fits All Size Organizations

The MinuteHound time clock is scalable. This biometric attendance machine can handle multiple locations and employees with ease. The system is customizable. This allows better control over the business. It is completely secure. Times recorded by the biometric attendance machine cannot be altered. It may also provide detailed documentation in the event that legal issues arise. The system promotes employee integrity and better work ethic. The MinuteHound time clock typically costs only pennies a day. It saves time and improves efficiency. Companies can try MinuteHound risk free. No long term contracts are required. Companies can cancel whenever they wish.

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Biometric Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Attendance Machine.

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