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The Summer is Coming: Time for a New Time Clock

This year, even the warmer parts of the country have sat frantically waiting for the spring to arrive. Now that flowers are blooming and people are beginning to spend more time outdoors, plans for summer are more than just a dream. People have their individual pursuits, and businesses need to make some changes too. This season is the perfect one for MinuteHound’s time clock.

While some companies slow down when the temperatures climb and sun stays out longer, others are just starting to speed up. You might think that the busy season isn’t right for a new time clock. However, MinuteHound’s technology is plug and play, so you can be set up in just a few minutes.

Also, summer is the perfect season for installing a time clock because you may have some seasonal employees coming on-board. You do your best to conduct thorough background checks, but you never know if workers are trying to get a few extra minutes on their timecards. MinuteHound’s time clock protects against that. Employees need to swipe in and out of the system with their fingerprints, so workers are completely unable to sign in for one another. The time clock, therefore, protects against this type of theft.

Application of Cloud ComputingIf you are hiring seasonal employees or if your business grows in the summer, you might have more people on the staff than you do the rest of the year. Keeping track of everyone can become more challenging as a result. MinuteHound’s time clock does not just protect against theft. It also helps you to keep track of all your employees. For example, let’s say that someone leaves his or her shift early or does not show up at all. Even if you are busy taking care of other tasks, you or another designated person can still be notified. The time clock system will send a text message or an email so that a replacement can be found.

The Time Clock With Around The Clock Support

With all of these employees and seasonal responsibilities, you have a lot to worry about during this season. You certainly don’t want to add violations of privacy to your list of concerns. This time clock system is completely safe for employees to use because it utilizes 128-bit encryption. The data is securely transferred, and individuals do not need to worry about having their identities stolen.

When the sun starts out later, some businesses are open well into the night. This is not cause for concern with MinuteHound. If your employees are having trouble with the system, they can call customer service because assistance is available at all hours of the day and on all days of the year.

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