The New Biometric Attendance System Project: Save Time and Money

Biometric Attendance System Project: Not for Corporations Only

When people think of payroll management, the first type of venture that comes to mind is a large moneymaking firm. However, mega-corporations are not the only concern that can benefit from a biometric attendance system project.

Are you at the helm of a nonprofit organization, charitable enterprise, or school? A biometric attendance system project is tailor-made for your vital concern. You can more effectively provide services to those depending on you and your staff if you are free of the hassle of tracking employee work schedules. Time spent calculating payroll and keeping records can be spent doing what you love and furthering the goals of your organization.

This new-generation time clock is as simple to install as connecting the fingerprint scanner to any computer, even one that is used for other functions and is up to 54 feet away. Busy, dedicated members of your team need no lengthy instruction before putting the time clock to work. Within minutes of setting up the biometric attendance system project, every employee can be registered. Then all it takes is a quick scan of a fingerprint to clock in and out.

Members of your organization don’t have to worry about security: each fingerprint is encrypted in a 128-bit figure, and it can’t be traced to its owner. And since there are no time sheets or other paper records with a biometric attendance system project, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of work schedules. If you’re attending a conference or conducting research anywhere on the globe, all you need is an internet connection to access the biometric attendance system project. You can check payroll stats or receive alerts about unusual employee ins or outs any time, anywhere.

The Biometric Attendance System Project: Full Package

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineEven if you’re on a tightly controlled budget, MinuteHound’s biometric attendance system project is one you can afford. This infallible service costs, on average, pennies a day. Add to that the savings you’ll incur by the elimination of word-of-honor timekeeping or employees covering for each other, and your organization will have more funds available for its vital social and educational functions.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you install the biometric attendance system project scanner. We are available around the clock to provide support and assistance. What’s more, there is no risk or obligation with our biometric attendance system project. Since there is no contract or any cancellation or hidden fees, you will never have to pay more than the set monthly service fee and are not tied to a long-term arrangement.

So isn’t it time your vital organization joins the 21st-century system of payroll management? Everyone from your board of directors to support staff will be happy you did.

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