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Why Biometric Cloud Technology Is What Your Business Requires!

Let’s first explain what biometric cloud technology is. First off, cloud computing is the way you save and access information. Even Microsoft has converted their entire office suite to cater to cloud computing, making it possible for you to save your Word, Excel, and other office files to be accessed, edited, and published from anywhere. Cloud technology is quickly becoming the new standard for both personal and business use. Basically, all of your information, data, and files are stored in the “cloud”, which means you can simply pull anything you want at anytime. Biometric technology is the standard in accuracy. It requires a fingerprint, not a standard ID and password. This way, accuracy and security are guaranteed. Now, MinuteHound has combined both to create biometric cloud technology for businesses and companies of all sizes and industries.

Every year, American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars all relating to internal management. Human mistakes, payroll abuse/errors, and dishonest employees are literally bankrupting companies. This is why biometric cloud technology was designed. MinuteHound’s business solution will cure human mistakes, keep you notified, and provide streamlined and error free payroll. It keeps staff honest at all times. Biometric cloud technology is flawless, foolproof, and cost effective. There is no other solution like it on the market.

How Biometric Cloud Technology Saves You Money

The basic steps of how MinuteHound works starts with a biometric fingerprint scanner. This little gem is the size of a computer mouse. It plugs into any computer and stores all information in the cloud. No extra equipment to buy. No inventory to manage or keep track of. Your staff simply arrives or leaves work by swiping their finger. Easy to use and no learning curve. No training required. Biometric cloud technology is very user friendly. Now, when your employees swipe their finger, all data is recorded in real time. This means you can view activity online at anytime. Live reporting and web attendance help managers track employee movement.

The best part of biometric cloud technology is how secure and safe the system is. Images are never stored. No information is stored or kept at your workplace. This means no one can ever steal private information. Employees can feel safe at all times. All data recorded is broken down into numbers. Peace of mind is always on your side. This makes biometric cloud technology the most accurate, safe, and low-cost solution for your business. Large and small companies alike benefit from the tools and resources biometric cloud technology will offer.

Biometric Cloud Technology. Plug Into SavingsStay alert stay in business. Biometric cloud technology has the ability to notify you of events. If employees ever “forget” to clock in or out, you will know. No more surprises. Overtime can now be totally avoided. You will receive text and e-mails to let you know what is going on. It is like having a manager on duty 24/7 ensuring staff are always doing the right thing. Time is money. Your not late for work. You don’t leave early. Stop paying employees that are. Take control and stop paying for time you don’t have too.

Biometric Cloud Technology Is Here To Stay

The biggest problem with technology is how fast it changes. It’s almost everyday a new product comes out replacing what you just bought. No one wants to invest or buy something that was great yesterday, but not today. Well have no fear. Biometric cloud technology is one aspect that might change, but never go away. MinuteHound will keep you up to date, free of charge. Updates are included, for life. This way you can simply run your business. Never worry or stress about what might happen in the future. Biometric cloud technology will only get better. It will become more powerful and useful. So sit back and relax, for MinuteHound never expires. No dust collecting here. Lifetime updates keep you ahead of the game, with money in your pocket.

Biometric cloud technology is green. 100% paperless and saves office space. No more boxes to hold files. Stop renting storage units to simply place employee documents in a big pile. Stop wasting time trying to find what your looking for. Now, everything you need is clicks away. Biometric cloud technology is your true everyday solution. You can log in, and view information in real time. If an employee claims he/she was underpaid, simply log in and look. No need to pull anything or manually count anymore. It is all done for you. Payroll is always accurate, so human mistakes and errors can’t happen. Employees will only pay what they worked. Employers will never over or under pay anyone, anymore. MinuteHound is tried, tested, and proven to work. Biometric cloud technology will change your business. Spark a change in your office. Try it today risk free.

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