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What Is A Biometric Time System?

A biometric time system is advanced technology created to save employers time, money, and stress. Time and attendance is a must for all business owners. Having accurate payroll week in and week out is essential and mandatory. Now, with a foolproof and flawless biometric time system, this is your new standard. Every business that has employees, whether hourly or salary must keep detailed reports in order to properly pay them. This helps keep in line with monthly budgets, taxes, and various other key reasons. Over and under paying is not an option. Human mistakes and dishonest employees can ruin companies. The only true, tested, and proven solution is MinuteHound’s biometric time system. It guarantees accuracy and makes payroll stress and error free. Never over pay or cut incorrect checks. Best of all, you will save so much it pays for itself!

In case your still not sure what a biometric time system is; the one key point to take away is that MinuteHound has the unique ability to save your company money. The reason why it is unique, is for the technology behind it. No other system on the market can offer all the tools, resources, and cost saving advantages. MinuteHound’s biometric time system replaces whatever current form of time and attendance you use. Whether it be time cards, sheets, pins, passwords or any other type it does not matter. The biometric time system will completely replace and upgrade your business.

Biometric Time System Features A Fingerprint Scanner

First, you will receive a fingerprint time clock in the mail. This fingerprint scanner is the size of a computer mouse. It plugs into any computer and runs in the background. The biometric time system software will download and all you have to do is follow the steps. Easy to understand and setup. If you can install a printer, you can install MinuteHound. The biometric time system will then prompt you to register your employees. This entire process is complete in under ten minutes. From now on, all of your employees will clock in and out using their finger. This is how your reports are guaranteed to be accurate. No two prints are the same.

The Biometric Time System is 100% PaperlessThe biometric time system is completely green. It is 100% paperless. There is no other materials or equipment needed. You save office space and costs related to inventory. Not only that, but payroll is automated. No more manual checking or counting up hours. You only need to send the detailed reports the biometric time system gives you, to whatever current accounting system you use. You have many options, all suited to make your life easier. If you every need assistance, you have it. Round the clock customer service and support are standard with MinuteHound.

How The Biometric Time System Saves You Money

For starters, whether or not your employees are supervised or not does not matter. The biometric time system requires fingerprints to verify your staff is who they say they are. If your business has multiple locations or departments, the biometric time system gives you access to all of them from a single terminal. You can view, edit, or update information as you please. You can also do this from anywhere. The biometric time system is cloud based, meaning your information is securely and safely stored live. You have access to it whenever you want, 24/7. It also has alert systems which mean you will never worry about someone not showing up, leaving early, or costing you overtime. The biometric time system is your full solution. Give it a try today 100% risk free.

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