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Finger Print Scanners Revolutionize Workplace Time Punching

Time punching is a long-standing workplace payroll management system that has many flaws. When it comes to traditional time-clocks, there is very little accountability or verification ability for who actually punched the clock, when the person actually left/arrived, and/or whether or not the clock was tampered with.

People “accidentally” forgetting to sign out, buddy punching to make sure their friends appear to have arrived on time, and/or working later than they’re supposed to in order to gain unapproved overtime are all common time-punching issues. That’s why MinuteHound has come up with a revolutionary way to fix these problems with their finger print scanners!

Introducing Finger Print Scanners: Welcome To The Future!

There was a time when finger print scanners were simply a fantasy invention of the future. They were featured in spy and sci-fi films, and they were generally thought to be of the future. Well, with the finger print scanners that MinuteHound uses for their time clocks, the future is here!

Each finger print scanner is programmed with every employee’s unique and identifying fingerprint. The prints go into the computer system and then converted into binary numbers, then provide a sort of key for clocking in and out. Each person’s finger print is unique, forcing them to be present in order to clock in and out. MinuteHound hasn’t reinvented the time clock system – they simply updated and improved it.

MinuteHound Finger Print Scanners Sound Alarms On Time Theft!
Employee Management SystemTime theft is when employees claim hours that they aren’t actually there to work for. This happens with buddy punching, and with late clock-outs that get them overtime that wasn’t approved ahead of time. By claiming extra hours, less honest employees expand their paychecks, and take extra money from the company they haven’t really earned. Essentially it’s stealing.

The MinuteHound finger print scanners nip this in the bud, with several automated features. As discussed above, it eliminates buddy punching. However, it also sends alerts to managers and directors of companies when something’s not right. If someone is late to clock in, SMS text messages can be sent to the managers, directors, and even the employee that is late. By utilizing a wide and integrated range of technology, MinuteHound’s finger print scanners have created a more controlled and more efficient time clock and workplace environment.

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