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Attendance Devices Give Managers Extended Information On Employee Attendance Patterns

For businesses of any size, attendance of the employees is a key factor to success. Making sure they arrive on time is vital, and making sure they’re not clocking extra hours is just as important. Managing a business is hard work as it is, without having to shuffle papers to keep track of employees. The MinuteHound attendance devices offer a solution to problems like these.

MinuteHound Attendance Devices: Reports In An Instant
When it comes to attendance reports, they can take hours if not days or weeks to create depending on the size of your business. Shuffling through time sheets and inputting information is a tedious task. With MinuteHound’s smart technology, our system creates reports for you instantaneously. Overall reports of attendance records are available for creation, and individual employee attendance records can be brought up at any time 24/7.

If you have one employee you think is consistently off the mark on their attendance, regularly reports late, or tries to get extra hours by staying overtime, MinuteHound’s attendance devices have your back. You can pull any employee’s personal attendance report at any time. It helps provide evidence of poor work ethic, or provide evidence of consistently hard work when deciding on promotions or bonuses!

Attendance Devices That Let You Check Up On Employees From Anywhere In The World

The MinuteHound attendance devices are all linked to our patented cloud-based technology. This means that you’re able to access real-time attendance from anywhere in the world. If you’re out on business in Chicago and you want to check in on your office in New York to make sure everyone reported that was supposed to (and nobody didn’t that wasn’t), it’s just a click away!

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineYou’ll also be able to get an attendance red flag alert sent to you immediately if any employee is late. MinuteHound’s technology can be set up to automatically notify managers or CEOs (or both) if an employee has not clocked in by the time they’re supposed to be at work. This instant update will be sent via text message. Addressing attendance issues is now easier and faster than ever.

MinuteHound Attendance Devices Makes Tracking Employees Easier Than Ever

In a perfect world, employees would all show up on time, and clock out when they’re supposed to without having to be monitored or worried about. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. That’s why MinuteHound has created their attendance devices and time clock system. With their technology on your side, you’ll never stress over attendance records again!

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