Biometric Fingerprint Clocking: Minute to Minute Time Tracking

Avoid Errors With Fingerprint Clocking

Payroll is such a vulnerable area in businesses that owners are always trying to think of the best ways to cut losses. Payroll errors cause the average business thousands of dollars per year. These errors happen for a wide variety of reasons, but improper timekeeping methods is one of the largest reasons. The MinuteHound fingerprint clocking system is an innovative new system for timekeeping. The system is thorough and virtually error free, which makes it one of the leading systems in today’s business world. The fingerprint clocking system can effortlessly save a company money, time and aggravation shortly after someone plugs it in.

Payroll Errors That Cost Money
A majority of companies still use much older methods for timekeeping. Some of them still use paper time cards or sign-in sheets. Other companies use badges to record their employees’ time. Another group of companies uses computer systems with usernames and passwords. None of these methods is as safe and effective as the new fingerprint clocking system. The problems that occur with sign-in sheets are extensive. Poor handwriting, misinterpretation of information, liquid smudges and the like could affect the accuracy of a paper sheet. A person can steal or lose a badge, which would result in a loss of funds for the business and the employee. An employee can steal another employee’s username and password. That person could possibly use the information to clock the other person in while he or she is not working. The fingerprint clocking system is much more reliable.

About the MinuteHound System
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackThe MinuteHound fingerprint clocking system is simple. It contains a fingerprint scanner and software. The device is virtually a “plug and play” unit. The person who sets it up does not have to read a long manual or take any lessons. All the person has to do it plug the scanner into a computer with a USB cord. The system will be ready to accept the first employee within minutes. Entering new employees into the fingerprint clocking system is easy. The person would just place his or her finger on the scanner and let the scanner read the information. The scanner will recognize the same person’s fingerprint the next time that person touches it. Keeping track of employee time has never been easier.

Saving Time and Money
The fingerprint clocking system does not just save money. It also saves time due to its wealth of enhanced features. A manager on vacation can access the data from a remote location. The MinuteHound fingerprint clocking system also generates payroll reports so the payroll team can work on other projects. An interested business person should consider this system for immediate use. The company’s profits will immediately rise due to the lowered payroll losses.

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