Employee Tracking- Fingerprint Recognition and Time Clock Software

The Importance of Employee Tracking Software

MinuteHound offers a unique time and attendance system that is recommended for companies that need employee tracking software. This type of technology can incorporate biometric fingerprint technology to prevent time theft and buddy log-ins. Here are some reasons why employee tracking software by MinuteHound is so important.

1. Eliminate Time Theft
With biometric fingerprint technology, it’s easy to eliminate time theft from the workplace. Time theft may include someone logging in early for an employee who is not at work, or the employee fabricating the hours. You can eliminate time theft with this simple solution.

2. Email Alerts to Monitor Employees Remotely
The company will also provide email alerts to allow the employers to know when an employee is late or leaves early. This will prevent any time theft or insubordination that may occur. These emails are convenient and improve efficiency in the workplace.

3. Eliminates Time Cards or Inventory
If there are no time cards or inventory to keep, the system is affordable for businesses of all sizes. In general, clients pay only pennies per day if they incorporate biometrics in the workplace. There will never be any mystery with employee tracking software. All OT and numbers are calculated for you. No more manually adding or subtracking, human error is gone.

4. Secure Employee Tracking Software
MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data. This will keep someone from hacking the software and reporting time falsely. Every employee tracking solution should have encryption technology to protect employers from financial loss. You’d be surprised at how much employees lose every year due to inaccuracies related to time sheets.

5. No Learning Curves
With this technology, there are no learning curves, guidance, or training. The software easy to use and is considered plug and play. Even the most technology-challenged employee can use the employee tracking software offered by MinuteHound.

6. Support Offered and There’s No Risk
We offer around the clock support, and there is no risk involved if the software does not work out for your company. There are no obligations. Since you have nothing to lose, there’s no reason not to try MinuteHound.

What You Should Look for in Employee Tracking Software

These are countless perks and benefits from using this software. You only pay for what you need – nothing more. From small businesses to a large company, biometrics offer effective ways to cut costs and makes payroll easy. Learn more about the employee tracking software and determine how it could be integrated into your organization. Most companies are pleasantly surprised with the results.

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