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Time is of the Essence

Thanks to the digital craze, it’s now easier than ever before to multi-task while on the go. From online banking to booking a hotel room, modern-day technological advances are revolutionizing the way we live. But has it changed the way we work? In the olden days, we used to trek to the rusty time clock in the back of the office to punch in and out. And while it was an effective means of verifying your employees’ presence, it also left employers open to time theft and payroll fraud. As with paper time cards, it’s far too easy to “work” around the system and say you are working when you’re really not. Installation of a biometric fingerprint system puts an end that!

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system is a dream come for business owners. With effortless installation, time theft, payroll fraud and buddy punching are wiped out altogether. It also helps employers identify “problem” employees and tend to them as necessary. With MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system, you are able to customize alerts through email or text message. For instance, if one of your employees arrives late or decides to leave early, you will receive a customized alert. This type of effortless employee tracking allows business owners to verify their employees are working their designated shifts.

Increasing Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system not only saves times, but also helps to boost your employees’ productivity. Not having to log out 10 minutes early to avoid overtime charges allows them to complete the task at hand. What does this mean for you? Happier employees equals higher levels of productivity and overall satisfaction within the workplace.

Although personalized pin codes and ID badges are a step up from a conventional time clock, none of these methods compare to a MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system. With only a swipe of their finger, your employee’s identity is verified and kept safe and sound within a 128-bit encrypted cloud. With a biometric fingerprint system, you will save hundreds of dollars once spent on paper time sheets and replacing lost ID badges.

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system can be connected to any computer in the office. All you need to do is plug the USB into the computer and register your employees. There are no training sessions or learning curves to master. Since it’s a plug-and-play system, it’s 100 percent portable and can be moved whenever needed. MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system keeps your employees on their toes and productivity levels high. Call and see how MinuteHound can help your business today.

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