How a Biometric Fingerprint System Improves Accountability

Biometric Fingerprint Systems: A Great New Business Tool!

Does your company use a time clock to log worker hours? Today, a new, cost-effective alternative from MinuteHound offers a better way to record employee attendance. Use this new biometric fingerprint system to assist your company’s bottom line.

Replacing Traditional Time Clocks
For generations, companies relied on time clocks. Yet these machines don’t possess all the advantages of a biometric fingerprint system. Just consider some of the benefits of the new biometric fingerprint system from MinuteHound:

This software uses cloud based technology.
Your firm won’t need to maintain copious records.
The software will calculate hours accurately for you.
This biometric fingerprint system even sends reminder emails and text messages to employees for you.
Pay only pennies a day for improved efficiency.
MinuteHound software uses 128-bit secure encrypted data transfer.
Learn how to use this biometric fingerprint system in minutes.
Support available around the clock.
Try this software without obligation, 100% risk free!

Why Employees Love Time Hound Software

Your best employees will appreciate your decision to use this software. They won’t need to spend time punching time cards every week. Instead, an employee simply touches a convenient biometric screen when the shift start and repeats this action to sign out. The ease of this simple biometric fingerprint system makes life more convenient for everyone. The MinuteHound scanner fits easily into any workplace.

Some advantages this biometric fingerprint system offers to employees include:

MinuteHound records employee hours accurately;
No one can manipulate the clock;
Employees won’t worry about losing time cards;
No one else can sign the employee in or out.

MinuteHound permits employers to try its software without obligation or upfront costs. You’ll enjoy an opportunity to determine exactly how much money this useful biometric fingerprint system saves your company. The software installs easily and is plug and play. MinuteHound also offers a completely cloud-based version without the scanner. This non-biometric version remains less foolproof than the biometric fingerprint system, but it does permit employees to log in from remote locations using any Internet-connected device. MinuteHound will record the IP address for you and a timestamp.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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Payroll Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint System.

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