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Biometric Fingerprint System Instantly Saves You Money

Having a biometric fingerprint system in place can be the difference between success and failure. Since all companies have employees, all companies must pay them. All businesses must keep a payroll, and all organizations need to keep records. Why is time and attendance so important? Every year American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars due to time theft, human error, and other time and attendance/payroll issues. Now these losses have nothing at all to do with the nature of the business. It does not take into account the product or service that business offers. The reason why is it doesn’t matter. Every business in America deals with the same issues of dishonest employees and of course people make mistakes. A biometric fingerprint system ensures your no longer adding to these statistics.

MinuteHound offers a state of the art biometric fingerprint system to meet and exceed all your business needs. It is 100% paperless. The entire system is green, which saves you money on supplies. No inventory to manage or maintain. The biometric fingerprint system starts by saving you money in the form of a fingerprint time clock. Now, the scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. After you setup an account, it is mailed to you. Free shipping. All you have to do is plug it in. The software is downloaded, and you begin to register your employees.

How The Biometric Fingerprint System Upgrades Your Business

The biometric fingerprint system only requires a simple swipe of your employees finger. This process takes under two seconds to complete. Employees simply swipe their finger at the start, end, and when they take breaks. The biometric fingerprint system records all the information live. Your reports, are now accurate down to the second. Time theft is now impossible. Your business no longer loses money. Over or under paying employees are not even a possibility. The biometric fingerprint system is foolproof. Your company now has the most advanced time and attendance system in place.

This information that is being recorded by MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system is also available to be viewed online. Live reporting and web based time tracking are built in. All you do is log in, and view reports. You can be at home, work, or on the golf course. Your reports are not only guaranteed to be accurate, but also available to you anywhere, anytime. Mobility and security are provided with this advanced biometric fingerprint system. The tools and resources this system provides are beneficial to any and all size businesses.

What The Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Provides You

Biometric Fingerprint System From MinuteHound. Service and  Support IncludedMinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint system is the most cost effective and powerful time and attendance solution on the market. Not only do you have anytime, anywhere access but also alerts. Now, your staff can be reduced. If any employees show up late, or leave early you will know instantly. You no longer need a manager for every shift. Emails and text messages are sent to anyone you designate. Now, even mistakes won’t cost you money. No more forgetting to clock in. No more excuses on why someone forgot to clock out. No more unapproved overtime. Put the money back in your pocket. Wasted time and money are now a thing of the past.

Service and support are also included. How about lifetime updates? All are included for one low monthly fee. The biometric fingerprint system will cost you $1.00 per employee. Your business will see a reduction in costs, as well as an increase in savings. You will notice a change in your office or workplace right from the start. From day one, the biometric fingerprint system pays for itself. If that is not enough, it is also risk free. You get a 100% lifetime money back guarantee on the scanner. Not for 30 or 60 days, for life! No fine print. No worthless warranties. There is no long term commitment. Just a tried, tested, and proved solution for your business. Join MinuteHound and start saving today!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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