How Biometric Attendance Changes Business Culture And Sparks Growth

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Biometric Attendance: R.I.P. Honor System

The old fashioned honor system has officially expired. Biometric attendance has changed and transformed business both large and small. Employers no longer have to rely on employees being honest, doing the right thing, or not making mistakes. Every year, American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars due to time theft, payroll abuse, and human error. Fortune 500 companies have to deal with employee theft just as any small business would. Biometric attendance that ensures accuracy not only guarantees companies saving money, but also no wasted time. Most companies that incorporate biometric attendance systems in their organization report increased savings, reduced internal spending, and are more likely to expand.

Biometric attendance also reduces the amount of staff needed in most cases. MinuteHound has the unique ability to save your company money. These savings are combined on many fronts. The biometric attendance system is 100% paperless. There are no supplies to order. No inventory or equipment to purchase. Your old time cards, sheets, or other form of employee tracking are no longer needed. MinuteHound’s biometric attendance system is driven by a fingerprint time clock. This one scanner, is all you need to start saving valuable time and money.

This biometric attendance solution uses fingerprint verification to protect your employee payroll. Biometric attendance has changed the culture of many workplaces. Now, you can prevent your workers from padding their paychecks. Biometric attendance requires the employee to physically clock in and out using a fingerprint. This information is accurate down to the second. All recorded live. Now, your office knows they are on the clock. No more taking 45 minutes on a 30 minute lunch break. On time, no leaving early, and working to get the job done.

Biometric Attendance Holds Employees Accountable

A successful business requires production from workers who are on time and where they claim to be. Compensating people who are not present is like throwing money down the drain. With MinuteHound’s biometric attendance, you can be certain that your payroll is accurate. Business owners, managers and supervisors are busy. You don’t have time to just sit by the time clock 24/7/365. That is why you have MinuteHound to protect your company payroll. An employees physical fingerprint must be used with the biometric attendance system. This is the most basic way to eliminate fraud. Your physical fingerprint is a tried-and-true identification standard. No other process even comes close.

Biometric Attendance Features Cloud TechnologyThe biometric attendance also sparks growth by changing the requirements needed to expand. MinuteHound has the ability for managers to oversee multiple locations from a single terminal. Now, all your schedules and information are clicks away. You don’t need to have shift or account managers to simply manage the staff. This task can be completed from anywhere. Now, managers can log in and view multiple location reports from the same computer.

Adjust the schedule for sick days or vacations, see who is available, who is working and in which department, and much more. You can be on vacation and manage the schedule. Process your payroll while soaking in the tub. No more headaches, no more stress. Put the time back on your side. Manage with tools that help and assist you. Stop banging your head against the wall. Numbers don’t lie. Now, with the biometric attendance system, neither will staff!

Your office is now virtual. From the golf course or home, your connected. Biometric attendance is based on cloud technology. This means, all your files are located securely on the web. No more boxes of reports taking up space. Your office can be clutter free of employee documents. Now, whenever you need to look up some information you can, from anywhere. Biometric attendance as stated saves on many levels. Lawsuits happen, and employers need to have accurate information in case it ever happens to them. Now, all your records are not only correct, but available for viewing whenever you want to look.

The Price of The Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance Will Give You Instant SavingsThe price points are very clear. Each scanner is a one time fee of $99.95. These scanners are also backed by a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. No fine print. No worthless warranty included. Never worry about something going wrong, because your covered. If anything happens, just email, click, or call. After the one time fee, the entire system is $1.00 per employee, and a $5.00 location fee. That’s it, no hidden costs. No hidden fees or surcharge. This is how the biometric attendance system benefits everyone. It is so cost effective, it will literally pay for itself. You will see a change within days of use.

Large or small businesses also have a responsibility to protect the information of their staff. Controversy of any kind is typically not a good image for any company. If a company has information stolen, not only does the public know, but now the employees lose trust and confidence. MinuteHound’s biometric attendance system never stores the image. No information is ever kept on site. Identity theft is impossible. All fingerprints are converted into numbers. This way, all users on all levels know their personal information is never at risk. Peace of mind for you, and your staff.

The biometric attendance system is foolproof. No cheating allowed. No covering for friends. True and honest at all times. Human error is cured through the biometric attendance alert system. If you ever need help with the system, all you have to do is call. This is not a product a company buys and forgets about. There is no expiration date. The biometric attendance system will always update and stay current. There is no upfront investment. You never have to sign a contract. Just a pure, honest, and tested solution. You will wonder how your office survived without it. Now is the time to spark change. Bad habits are dropped, and new positive routines are started.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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