Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Device and Software

Biometrics and Beyond

A biometric fingerprint time clock offers a scalable solution for business owners who are trying to circumvent issues such as ID swapping and time theft. Over the past few years, there have been many new developments in the field of biometrics. A biometric fingerprint time clock offers employers a time management strategy that has several advantages over conventional methods. For example:

Employees are able to punch in and out by scanning their fingerprints.
ID badges and confusing passwords disappear.
Buddy punching and payroll fraud becomes nonexistent.

While traditional timekeeping systems rely on personal identification numbers, smart cards and passwords, a biometric fingerprint time clock uses the unique characteristics of your employees’ fingerprint for identification purposes. These characteristics cannot be duplicated, which means everyone must be present to clock in and out.

The Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Provides Full Accountability

With a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint time clock, each employee is directly connected to their login. Biometrics create a definable audit trail that cannot be dismissed. This is especially useful when dealing with “problematic” employees. A biometric fingerprint time clock helps to make employees accountable for each and every action they perform.

Another feature of a MinuteHound biometric fingerprint time clock is its simplistic design. You get accurate results with minimal setup. Moreover, a biometric fingerprint time clock is easily installed without the need for tedious training sessions. Verification by a biometric fingerprint time clock is effortless. Individuals are identified in a matter of seconds. For business owners who truly understand the importance of time management, using biometrics to increase productivity and reduce lost revenue is a must.

Installation of MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint time clock can be accomplished in under 10 minutes. All you need to do is plug in the USB, download the software and register your employees. Another advantage of using a fingerprint identification system is that it can not be guessed or stolen. Even though ID badges and passwords can enhance security levels, they are also easily forgotten or lost. This heightens the risk of unauthorized entrance into the workplace. Furthermore, co-workers can also swap them to buddy punch for each other. Also known as time theft, it can costs trusting employers hundreds of dollars each month due to erroneous punches.

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