Workforce and Single Unit Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock

The Benefits of Biometrics

With the cost of living on the rise, cutting corners has become a way of life. But where does a business owner start? How do you minimize reduce costs while maintaining your business’ integrity? If you eliminate overtime, how can you motivate your employees to get the job done? How is it possible to find the extra time needed to complete important projects without paying out of pocket? MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock makes this possible by reducing time previously wasted on punching in and out with traditional time clocks and paper attendance sheets.

How MinuteHound Benefits Your Business
How much time does it take for you to complete payroll each month? If your company is still using a conventional time clock and old-fashioned time sheets, it’s probably safe to say that it takes a longer than necessary. MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock eliminates human errors most commonly found when using paper time sheets. Since all personal information is safely stored online with a fingerprint biometric time clock, paper attendance sheets become obsolete.

It’s only natural for employees to become friendly outside the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s that same friendship that leads to the buddy-punching system. Buddy punching is no different than stealing money out of someone’s pocket. MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock put an end to time theft and payroll fraud. Since employees need to scan their fingerprints, it’s impossible for them to pull the wool over your eyes.

Eco-Friendly Convenience
Electronic Attendance System, time to startThose stacks of papers on your desk not only cause clutter, but they are harmful to the environment. Thousands of trees are cut down each year to create paper products. By installing a fingerprint biometric time clock, you’re able to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation! MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock state-of-the-art technology allows you to plug and play. Simply attach to any computer within the office and register your employees. It’s that quick! After registration, your employees are able to touch the scanner to verify their presence at work.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock puts money back into your pocket by allowing you online access from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can verify your employees are working their designated shifts. Another fantastic feature of a fingerprint biometric time clock is that it only costs business owners pennies a day. After your trial period ends, if you’re not completely satisfied, all you need to do is call and cancel your subscription. MinuteHound’s fingerprint biometric time clock is changing the way businesses function. Call today to see what MinuteHound can do for you!

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