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Why Should I Buy the MinuteHound Biometric Scanner for my Business?

For over 100 years, companies have been tracking employee time and attendance with simple mechanical clocks. These simple devices would often require the employee to insert a heavy paper time card into a slot, then pull a lever to stamp the card with the time and date of the punch. While the clocks were more efficient than Human labor and were less error-prone, the clocks also had their flaws.

Problem #1: Mechanical Time Clocks were Largely Unreliable and High-Maintenance
First, the mechanical time clocks were constantly failing. More moving parts meant that more things could go wrong that would prevent the clocks from functioning. Even when the clocks did work, the stamping was not always legible because the ink constantly had to be replaced or parts had to be replaced.

Problem #2: Lost Time Cards
Compounding the mechanical problems, employees would all too often lose their time cards. In such cases, the employee would manually write the time and date of each punch on a small sheet of plain paper. This presented its own problems, which brings us to the third issue.

Problem #3: Rampant Time Card Manipulation
We all know it’s wrong, but we still do it (and chances are you do it too! Don’t worry, we won’t tell!) Employees try to pad their time cards in various ways. When you run late, you might have someone, usually a friend of yours, take your time card with him so he or she can punch in for you. This practice is called buddy-punching. Or you might come back from lunch late (or forget to punch back into work) and say you actually punched in on time so you get paid for the time you weren’t actually working. These practices are believed to have cost businesses billions of dollars, not to mention countless hours of scrutinizing data when something doesn’t smell right. Believe me, they know you do it! They just don’t have the proof… yet!

The Biometric Scanner Steps Up
These days, companies have switched to using the biometric scanner to handle timekeeping. After a quick install, usually 10 mins or less, your up and running. The employee will use the included fingerprint scanner to log in and out of the workplace.

What Makes MinuteHound’s Biometric Scanner Different from the Others?
Biometric Time RecordingThere are a few things that make MinuteHound’s biometric scanner stand out from the rest. First, with other biometric scanners, you will need a dedicated server on which to install the software. This system doesn’t use a separate keypad that houses the scanner. MinuteHound’s biometric scanner is actually a small USB device, therefore it does not require a dedicated server. Instead, the software can be connected to any computer on your corporate network.

Cloud-Based Technology Allows Access from Anywhere
With the MinuteHound biometric scanner, you will no longer be tethered to any specific computer on your network or even to your office. The system acts as a cloud server, which gives you the flexibility of accessing stored data from anywhere in the world and on any wireless device. You could access your server in Seattle from a hotel in Singapore if you wanted.

Red Flagging System
MinuteHound’s biometric scanner employs a unique red flagging system. This system can instantly notify you via E-mail or text message if someone tries to manipulate their hours or is not on the clock when they should be. The offending data can be viewed in real time and adjusted so that the problem can be dealt with before it begins to affect your profit margin.

More Efficient Payroll Processing
You should see a huge increase in payroll processing efficiency with the first pay period. Data on individual employees can be quickly viewed so that your payroll department can more efficiently tally the hours each employee has worked. This not only decreases payroll processing time, it also cuts down on unnecessary paperwork, saving your company even more money from payroll processing expenses.

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