Fingerprint Time Clock – Time and Attendance for the Workplace

About the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock

In 1888, Willard Bundy became a corporate visionary by inventing the mechanical time clock, also known in some countries as the Bundy clock. His device used heavy paper punch cards that were inserted into a slot so the device could stamp the card with the time and date of the punch. However, early time clocks had flaws. They were highly prone to breakdown and relied mostly on an honor system. Employees were quick to abuse the system by padding their hours in various ways. This is known as time theft. Since the time clock was first made, conservative estimates measured losses incurred by companies due to time theft and inefficient timekeeping at over $148 billion per year.

The Time Clock Goes Digital

Despite these flaws, time clock makers were slow to change, at least until employers started calling for a more efficient and error-proof system. The next incarnation of the time clock was computerized. Instead of time cards that could easily be lost, employees swiped badges to punch in. The time of each punch was recorded, then sent to a dedicated server, which payroll used to go through each employee’s time and attendance data. Though this system became more convenient for payroll departments of many companies, the system was still prone to time theft.

The Next Advancement in Timekeeping Technology – The Fingerpint Time Clock

Today, many companies are using the fingerprint time clock. These simple devices employ a fingerprint scanner connected to a computer. The fingerprint time clock comes with software that is typically installed on the same computer as the device. Employees punch in by scanning their fingerprint, which is then analyzed and sent to the software together with the time and date of the employee’s punch. With the fingerprint time clock, buddy punching is impossible because fingerprints have subtle differences among every individual. The system detects the attempt because the fingerprints will not match exactly.

MinuteHound’s Fingerprint Time Clock is More Advanced
Research and development have helped MinuteHound improve upon the fingerprint time clock in many ways.

  1. Cloud Technology – MinuteHound has combined the fingerprint time clock with cloud technology.

  2. No Need for a Dedicated Server – MinuteHound’s integration of cloud technology means you don’t need to install the time clock software on a dedicated server or computer. The software will work on any computer.

  3. Access Time and Attendance Data From Anywhere – Another benefit gained from cloud integration is the ability to access stored data from anywhere in the world on any wireless device. All you need to access your account is the username and password. You can monitor your employees in Texas while on vacation in China if you so desired.

  4. Unique Red-Flagging System – A unique red-flagging system immediately alerts you if any of your employees are tardy, leave early or never show up at all. The system can be set up to send you an E-mail or text message when it detects something amiss.

  5. Data Encryption – All stored data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. This is the strongest encryption available. This means your employees’ personal data, as well as their time and attendance records, are always kept safe from the prying eyes of corporate spies or the malicious hands of disgruntled employees.

Contact MinuteHound for More Information

If you need more information or would like to sign up for a free trial of MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock, feel free to contact MinuteHound at (800) 351-7237, send them an E-mail at or head over to their website.

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