Low Cost Biometric Time And Attendance System For All Size Business

Keep Employees Accountable with a Biometric Time and Attendance System

If your not currently using a biometric time and attendance system, your going to read about the most advanced, cost-effective, and reliable system on the market. Employee time theft is real, and it drains your profits. Every year American businesses lose over $148 billion dollars to employee payroll abuse and fraud as well as common human error and mistakes. By upgrading to MinuteHound’s biometric time and attendance system, you will be able to save and reduce costs. The system will pay for itself. There is no training required. In addition, you will have access to your records from anywhere.

The biometric time and attendance system is advanced, however simple and easy to use. Gone are the days of employees showing up to work signing in or punching a card. This outdated method costs business owners way too much money. Friends cover for each other at work or mistakes are made. It’s always a good idea to use a computerized method to keep track of everyone’s hours. Smart and savvy employers will want to employ a biometric time and attendance system. You will be able to monitor staff down to the second. Accuracy is guaranteed which makes your reports flawless.

How The Biometric Time And Attendance System Operates

The MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system runs on any computer you currently have. You do not have to dedicate a machine to run it. Once you setup an account, a fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. This biometric time and attendance system works by simply having your employees swipe their finger on the scanner. When they arrive at work, take a break and when they clock out at the end of the day a swipe records their time. By using fingerprints as a form of verification, you always know employees are never trying to cheat the system. Also keep in mind, this method is less expensive, safer and way more robust than any traditional system.

Access Your Information From Anywhere With MinuteHoundThe biometric time and attendance system captures all information live. All data is stored in the cloud, making it accessible to your from any location. You and designated managers can view live reports from anywhere, at anytime. You can be in a business meeting across the country, at home or playing golf and be able to track your staff. The biometric time and attendance system allows you to edit/modify/update your employee information as you need to. Your office is now virtual. Work smarter not harder! MinuteHound is on your side and helps every step of the way.

Using a biometric time and attendance system can help a company realize a 5-8 percent savings off of your payroll costs. Employees who previously thought nothing of taking advantage of your previous system will now be forced to be more accountable for their actions. From now on, the biometric time and attendance system will provide detailed reports which makes payroll automated. Stress and error free technology at it’s finest.

The Biometric Time And Attendance System is Secure and Cost Effective

The MinuteHound biometric time and attendance system converts each employee’s scanned fingerprint into a 128-bit number that is encrypted to safeguard privacy. The information is broken up and stored on four remote cloud servers. Peace of mind on every level. Your staff’s information is never at risk. Also, no data is stored locally. This means any type of water, smoke, fire or actual theft is impossible. Data loss is no more.

Biometric Attendance System Is Risk FreeThe biometric time and attendance system is also very cost effective. At $1.00 per employee, you can’t go wrong. Round the clock customer service and support are included. If you ever need assistance, you have it. The scanner itself is a one-time fee of $99.95. You pay for it once, and never again. It is highly reliable and comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. The entire biometric time and attendance system is paperless. Green technology saves you money. Never again worry about ordering or managing supplies. No inventory to keep track of.

You will notice a change within days. It will also help you transform the way you run your business. The biometric time and attendance system has a notification system built in. This means, you have a 24/7 HR assistant on your side. If anyone ever shows up late or leaves early an email and text message will be sent out. In real time, you will be notified on your staff’s actions. Overtime will never creep up on you. Once you start using this biometric time and attendance system, you will wonder how you managed without it! Upgrade today and start saving tomorrow.

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