Biometric Time & Attendance System- 24/7 Time Tracking

Biometric Time & Attendance System – Improving Staff Efficiency and Performance

A biometric time & attendance system is a digital system that uses biometric information such as fingerprint or hand print to clock employees in and out. When employees place their hands on the system, it scans and authenticates their prints. A Biometric time & attendance system eliminates the need to replace worn out or lost plastic time cards. This system also prevents employees from clocking in co-workers before they actually arrive at the workplace or when absent from work.

Time Clock Software
Biometric time clock software helps keep track of employees clocking in and out of work. The software keeps track of work hours from one or all employees’ computers in the workplace. Additional functions of the software include printing regular reports on employee work hours, overtime and vacation time. Employers can export biometric time & attendance system information to payroll software to determine employees’ wages.

Advantages of a biometric time & attendance system
Biometric time clock systems are pre-packaged and purchased at various computer stores. However, managers can hire software engineers to develop customized versions of biometric time clock systems. There are many advantages of using biometric time clock systems.

Attendance Monitoring
Many small companies may not be able to use attendance monitoring applications, but large firms need to calculate employee hourly time and productivity. A Biometric time & attendance system takes the responsibility out of the hands of managers and allows companies to manage employee attendance using periodic reports. The reports help managers evaluate attendance along with sick times and vacation. Employees clock in by placing their hands on the system, and the biometric time & attendance system automatically begins to calculate hours on the job.

Most work projects have strict deadlines and timetables that track time allocation and progress of the projects. A biometric time & attendance system helps supervisors to analyze employee progress and performance versus the time it takes to complete the projects. For example, if a project has a two-week deadline, managers can track the progress of the project and assess the performance of employees. The information obtained from the system can help managers determine payroll costs and rank employees according to performance.

Connect To Savings Using BiometricsA Biometric time & attendance system can directly benefit Human Resources’. MinuteHound’s biometric time & attendance system automatically generates reports that can be used by the payroll department to easily draw paychecks based on the number of hours worked by an employee. Smaller companies can also benefit from this system by printing out time sheets for outsourced payroll departments to pay employees. All data provided by MinuteHound can be downloaded and exported with ease.

What Makes MinuteHound Special?
MinuteHound is a cloud-based biometric time & attendance system that automatically sends email and text notifications to employers notifying them about late employees. According to the American Payroll Association (APA), a biometric time & attendance system can reduce payroll costs by up to 8%. Purchasing this application comes with a risk free money back guarantee and even pays for return shipping.

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