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When companies reach a certain level of success, standard timekeeping systems simply aren’t effective. While growing in numbers certainly is the main goal of any business, with it comes additional payroll and administrative responsibilities. As such, it’s no surprise that attendance sheets usually are full of time reporting errors that need to be corrected before payroll can be disbursed. With a clock in machine with fingerprints system, Payroll’s responsibilities are cut in half. With a paperless system, administrators no longer need to correct handwritten time sheets. With the click of a mouse, the appropriate parties are able to access each employee’s time sheets and dispense payroll on time.

With MinuteHound’s clock in machine with fingerprints scanner, punching in and out is recorded in real time. Employers are able to verify which employees have arrived and which are running late. With traditional time clocks, verifying an employee’s whereabouts was quite difficult since anyone could punch the clock for them. Known as buddy punching, co-workers were able punch in and out for their friends without their supervisors knowledge. This type of behavior is unacceptable. It’s known as time theft and it costs business owners thousands of dollars each year. Just imagine if all of your employees were doing this? Sooner or later, your business would suffer. A clock in with fingerprints keeps the cash in your pocket and your employees where they should be-at work!

Functionality Made Simple

A clock in machine with fingerprints is synonymous with simplicity. Easily installed into any computer system within the office, employees are then able to clock in and out virtually from any location within their workplace. Going green isn’t a passing fad. MinuteHound’s clock in machine with fingerprints helps you do your part in protecting the environment. It’s completely digital, paperless and requires no additional products. Just think of the all the space your company could have when you finally throw away all of those old paper records! Another fantastic feature of a clock in machine with fingerprints is its size. Comparable to the size of a computer mouse, you are able to save space and time that would otherwise be wasted with traditional attendance records.

State-of-the-Art Technology
Remember waiting for your boss to approve your vacation request? It probably felt like years before he or she responded. Now that you are the boss, MinuteHound’s clock in machine with fingerprints allows you to instantly approve or deny schedule changes, regardless of your physical location. Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can access the system. In addition, employers are alerted when employees arrive late or decide to leave early via text message or email. How’s that for efficiency?

Have you ever bought a product only to be disappointed with it a few days later? But when you try to return it, you are given a million reasons why it’s not possible? When you purchase a MinuteHound clock in machine with fingerprints, you can rest assured that will never occur. If you aren’t 100 percent satisfied, all you need to do to call and cancel your service. You will never be questioned why or told it’s impossible. In today’s fast-paced world, a MinuteHound clock in machine with fingerprints allows business owners the peace of mind that their employees are where they need to be, and that’s working their scheduled shift.

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