Biometric Time Attendance System Featuring Online Live Reports

Biometric Time Attendance System Basics

First off, let’s talk what a biometric time attendance system is. Biometric technology is the use of fingerprint recognition. This means that instead of using a time card, sheet, badge, or ID and password to clock in and out of work, you simply swipe your finger. For business owners, this is a dream come true. American business report losses of $148 billion dollars due to time theft, employee abuse, and human error all related to time and attendance/payroll. Employers needed a way to hold employees accountable, and stop overpaying.

As you can see, time and attendance plays a vital role in any business model. If your not using fingerprint recognition in your workplace, your losing money. That is a fact. Time theft exists in both blue and white collar work environments. The only true way to end it, is with biometric technology. MinuteHound time clock software was designed and built for the business owner. Employees can no longer cheat. Owners and managers have peace of mind. It also provides invaluable tools to help any company succeed.

The biometric time attendance system from MinuteHound has a myriad of benefits for any size business. In companies that operate using shifts, the biometric time attendance system is invaluable. The automatic managements of the irregular hours prevent gaps and overlaps in shifts that drain resources. MinuteHound time and attendance software gets rid of time wastage at the work place.

Biometric Time Attendance System Features and Tools

The biometric time attendance system is cloud based. This means that you as a business owner, have instant access 24/7 to live reports. From any internet enabled device, you can log in and check your records. On the go with a mobile device, or at home you can access the biometric time attendance system. This proves such a useful tool on many fronts. For starters, whether in the next room or across the country, you can monitor employee activity. You can see who clocked in or out, which department, and schedule information. You can also update employee vacations, sick-days, and holidays.

Cloud Power: Text and Email Alert System The MinuteHound time clock is extremely advanced. The biometric time attendance system has the ability to send you alerts. It sends out emails and text messages in case an employee is late to work or leaves the workplace before time. This also works on multiple fronts. Between the live reporting and alert system, you can manager your workplace from anywhere. Also, the alert system creates documentation on employees in case you ever need it. You can set up the alert system to notify designated managers if you have multiple locations. The biometric time attendance system from MinuteHound now cures human error! No more can your employees “forget” to clock in and out.

Biometric Time Attendance System: The Easiest Decision You Will Ever Make

The hassle of keeping time cards and inventory is no longer necessary with the biometric time attendance system. It is 100% green. No more inventory to manage. No extra equipment to buy. The fingerprint scanner itself is the size of a coffee mug. When upgrading to the biometric time attendance system, you save money, time, and office space! The scanner is plug and play. You plug your scanner into any computer, download the software, and start registering your employees. After that, they simply swipe their finger to clock in and out. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Accurate pay for accurate work. The biometric time attendance system is all all inclusive tool for success.

Employers no longer need to keep track of punch cards or time-sheets. The biometric time attendance system, provides you with the most accurate time and attendance records you will ever have. MinuteHound data can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by most companies. The biometric time attendance system can be utilized to verify employees at remote offices or those traveling. The features list goes on and on. The price is the best part. The biometric time attendance system is more advanced and cost effective than any other system on the market. No training required. No learning curve to master.
MinuteHound: Time is PowerMinuteHound: Time is Money
MinuteHound also provides round the clock service and support. The biometric time attendance system is very user friendly, however if you need help, all you have to do is pick up a phone. Your never alone with MinuteHound on your side. The biometric time attendance system is a surefire way to improve your business. It has no shelf life. No expiration date. The system is proven effective and has over 150,000 daily users. It is already helping companies across the globe save time, money, and stress. Now it’s your turn. Upgrade today and start saving.

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The Savings of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
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