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Clocking In And Out Software: The Biggest Factor For Any Size Business

How are my employees clocking in and out? As an employer has this question kept you up at night? If not, it should. Regardless of your business model. Regardless of your service or product, employees are the backbone of your company. The true driving force behind any successful company is leadership and team work. Employees don’t work for free. Since every company is on a budget, keeping costs low and profit high are primary goals for just about everyone. It’s why you should constantly ask yourself, how are my employees clocking in and out? Why? Because time theft costs American businesses $148 billion dollars every year. Payroll is standard for every company. Time and attendance systems make the difference.

Clocking in and out systems come in many variations. Time cards, sheets, badges, ID and passwords are some examples. In most cases, you as a business owner are using one of these systems now in your workplace. However, just know these systems are obsolete. They are no friend to the employer. They do not have any safe guards for time theft and employee abuse. Clocking in and out systems using fingerprint recognition are the only systems built for the employer. The only reason why most employer’s big and small don’t use these types of clocking in and out systems, is for most don’t even know they exist.

Clocking In And Out Software Ensures Accuracy And Honesty

Fingerprints are unique to every human being alive. Fingerprints cannot be passes around between friends at work. If your clocking in and out system does not use fingerprints as a way to verify time, your losing money. That is a fact. If you have multiple locations and a large amount of employees, the money lost can add up super quick. Even small businesses suffer from employee abuse. Every employee steals 54 minutes every day from their employer. You as an employer suffer greatly from time theft, whether you realize it or not. How are my employees clocking in and out seems like a rather important question to ask yourself right?

MinuteHound Fingerprint ScannerAs a business owner you not only need a reliable product, but a reliable company to support you as well. MinuteHound clocking in and out software is your answer to time theft. It is also your support to ensure success. Here is how it works: After you order and set up an account with MinuteHound, a USB fingerprint scanner is sent to you in the mail. Once it arrives, you plug in your scanner. Then you will download the clocking in and out software. It takes about ten minutes to setup. Then about 1-2 minutes to enter in each employee. After that, game on! Time theft is now dead. The savings add up, and costs go down.

No more wasted time. No more wasted money. Accurate pay for accurate work. Clocking in and out software with biometric technology changes the way you run your business. Not only because you have a surefire way to keep employee honest, but also the tools that MinuteHound provides. From any internet enabled device, such as an iPad, iPhone, Droid, Tablet, or workstation you have 24/7 access to your records. From across town or from Hong Kong, you can track your employee activity. Clocking in and out software from MinuteHound provides real tools to solve real problems.

Clocking In And Software Cures Mistakes and Human Error

Now let’s talk about human error and honest mistakes. The most common excuse you will receive from employees is that they “forgot” to clock in or out. Well with MinuteHound that is no longer an excuse. The clocking in and out software has an alert system built in. If any of your employees don’t clock in or out, an e-mail and/or text message is sent to you and designate managers. This way you will know right away to handle any issues, not when it’s time to conduct payroll. This is one of the many features that clocking in and out software provides. Businesses of all sizes gain the advantage by making the switch to fingerprint recognition.

Innovative Clocking In And Out SoftwareMinuteHound clocking in and out software is your key to saving time and money, and of course stress and headaches. However the system itself is innovative and new to most companies. Clocking in and out software changes the way you run your company. This system has no shelf life. It does not collect dust. It without a doubt never expires. MinuteHound is a company of technology. This is not a product you buy and hope it works for awhile. It is not a machine you install on a wall and issue time cards to your employees. Clocking in and out software is the way you take back control.

Clocking in and out software runs in the background of any existing computer you currently use. No extra equipment to buy. It is also paperless. No extra inventory to manage. You will never sign a contract with MinuteHound. The technology is advanced, however simple and easy to use. There is no training required. No learning curve to master. The MinuteHound data can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by small and large companies for payroll. If you ever need assistance of any kind, all you have to do is pick up a phone. Support is available round the clock. Your never alone with MinuteHound. The price points beat out any competition, making this the no easiest decision you will ever make. So ask yourself, “How are my employees clocking in and out?”. Just say MinuteHound, then breathe a huge sigh of relief!

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