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Biometric Time Clocks: Reviews Are In!

MinuteHound is a company that has been utilizing biometric time clock systems as a high tech alternative to the old-fashioned systems. Their finger-print scanner signs employees in and out of work, automated report and data collection occurs, and managers have the ability to access the online system from anywhere in the world. No wonder business owners and managers have given the biometric time clocks reviews that glow brightly!

Biometric Time Clocks Reviews Say Big Bucks Can Be Saved
While it’s one thing for a company to claim that their product can save businesses and companies money, it’s another thing for those using the product to say the same thing! And that’s just what’s happening with MinuteHound’s finger-print scanning systems. After MinuteHound’s biometric time clocks reviews and reports were all collected and analyzed, it was found by the APA (American Payroll Association) that businesses who used it saved anywhere from 2-8% on their payroll fees.

Part of this savings came from the fact that employees can’t “buddy punch” (or sign in/out for a friend who’s late or leaving early). Another reason for this decrease is the cut-back on unapproved overtime that was seen in these companies. With the ability for the system to raise a red-flag on those taking unapproved overtime, managers are more aware of what’s going on in their offices. By eliminating these two common time theft tactics, MinuteHound saves owners big bucks!

Biometric Time Clocks Reviews Say Energy And Stress Are Reduced
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineWhile saving money is one big perk to MinuteHound’s system, their customers’ biometric time clocks reviews also indicate that they offer another useful perk. The MinuteHound data collection and organization methods greatly reduce the amount of time, energy, and stress that is exerted to create reports tracking employees. Instead of pouring over stacks of paperwork and time punch cards, tediously inputting numbers to spreadsheets, and looking for issues the long way, all that can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. That’s why the biometric time clocks reviews have been so positive with those actually creating the reports for their higher-ups!

Biometric Time Clocks Reviews – It’s A Product That “Walks The Walk!”
While many products and companies make claims about their products or services, very few are able to really back those claims up. But the reviews are in, and the biometric time clocks that MinuteHound has created truly are satisfying customers and businesses all over the globe!

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