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Why Cloud-based Biometric Time Card Systems Are Ideal in Today’s World

In today’s business world, mobile networking has vastly increased efficiency in many ways. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are virtually synonymous with business functionality. Office applications, financial software and more can be easily accessed from anywhere there is a live Internet connection. Monitoring your employee time sheets shouldn’t be any less of an important aspect of your business. MinuteHound biometric time card systems can put that control within your mobile device of choice.

Logging into the Biometric Time Card System from Abroad
One of the features that makes MinuteHound an attraction is being able to log into the system from virtually anywhere. Like the saying goes, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” It’s commonplace for employees to let loose, so to speak, when the boss or other authoritative figure is away from the office. This could include arriving late and leaving early. However, the biometric time card system can still keep you apprised of when employees are clocking in and out even if you’re on the other side of the world. Since the system operates on the Cloud, you can easily log into the system anywhere you have Internet access. Unfortunately, this won’t let you see what kind of a party your personnel is hosting.

By using the installed scanning device, the biometric time card software will record when an employee arrives and when he or she leaves for the day. Regardless if you’re working from home or want to take a peak at man-hours while on vacation, the biometric time card system can help keep your staff honest about working hours.

Friendly Reminders
The future is here: Finger AttendanceAnother feature of the MinuteHound system is the ability to send text messages to yourself and/or the employee should he or she be late for scheduled work hours. This can be a helpful reminder from the biometric time card system for the employee that may not realize he or she is running behind schedule. Not all tardiness is deliberate, and the employee could be in the middle of an unavoidable situation. On the other hand, this could also provide you with a reminder to call the employee to find out why he or she is running late.

Saving the Business Money
According to the American Payroll Association, using a biometric time card system can decrease the payroll expenses of your business by two to eight percent. In a large organization, this could save your company hundreds of dollars each week. This is possible by paying employees for actual time that he or she is on the clock. Instead of an individual rounding time from 8:10 to 8:00 in order to squeeze in those missing ten minutes, the biometric time card relies on the fingerprint of the individual making it near impossible to steal that time from your company.

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