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I’m Here! Track Employee Attendance with Biometric Time Clocks

Keeping employees accountable is important. Even more important is saving money running your business. Employers know success at a company means their employees are there. This means it’s important that employee hours are counted accurately. Physical time clocks and cards are an industry standard. However, in today’s offices, they are old-fashioned. Money is lost all the time because of time clock abuse. You and your payroll deserve better. Reconsider employee time management using biometric technology you can access 24 hours a day. That’s where MinuteHound comes in.

How the Biometric Time Clock Works

Traditional time clocks can be manipulated, a.k.a. buddy punching. MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology to track employee attendance. Using their finger to clock in and out, employee time is tracked in MinuteHound’s system. This means that you have the option to log-in wherever you are and see who’s on the clock. That means data available in real time. MinuteHound also pulls reports from anywhere using any internet enabled device.

Businesses lose money every year because of incorrect attendance reports. Think about the dollars you’ll save when Minutehound quickly tracks lateness and absences. Imagine payroll not having to take the time to recalculate overtime. Use a biometric time clock system with a low monthly cost. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the guesswork out of missing attendance information? What about those questionable timecard punches? Be 100 percent sure that employees are tracked by the individual.

Why it’s great for employees

Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackUsing their finger, employees don’t have to remember passwords and log-ins with biometric time clocks. In the interest of safety, each employee’s fingerprint information is condensed and stored as a series of numbers. Privacy is always protected. MinuteHound is easy to use. Setup is simple, quick, and paperless. MinuteHound’s hardware is cheaper than a time clock, and technical support is available. The biometric scanner hooks up to computers via a USB cord. It then runs on patented software. Even better, scanners can be returned any time if you aren’t satisfied. There’s no obligation.

Scanner-free options are available through an alternative web-based program. This method does require a user name and password. Log-ins of this kind track IP addresses as opposed to a fingerprint. This method isn’t as accurate as the scanner but runs a little cheaper. Time clock abuse wastes money and time in payroll departments. Make the time clock at your business more thorough. Consider simplifying your process with a biometric time clock. Your business deserves a unique way to manage employee attendance. Use the benefits of reports, and take the stress out of payroll. Make your company more efficient. Let MinuteHound will change the way you do business.

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