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A Minute Saved is a Penny Earned

Looking for a ime and attendancet system that will whip your employees into shape? Accurate attendance is key to saving money and keeping everything running smoothly within your business. If you are still using outdated paper timesheets, now is the time to make a change for the better. Take a look below and see what a time and attendance reporting system can do for you.

What is a Time and Attendance System?

MinuteHound’s attendance system allows your employees to clock in and out with a touch of a finger. The uniqueness of each fingerprint serves as an ID badge, which means you will no longer have to replace them. In addition, since all private information is safely stored online, identity theft becomes nonexistent.

A time and attendance system does much more than simply verify your employees’ whereabouts. For example:

  • Gives you real-time reporting of when your employees arrive and leave at the end of the day.
  • Streamlines the payroll process by eliminating the need to verify inaccuracies.
  • All information is safely stored on the cloud, thus eliminating the stacks of papers that once cluttered your desk.

Benefits Galore

A MinuteHound’s time and attendance system provides business owners with an advanced tracking system that practically functions on its own. Simple installation onto any computer within the office gives you the piece of mind that you never have to track down missing employees.

Increased Savings

RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyTime and attendance systems also help businesses save money by providing business owners a detailed look at who is producing and who isn’t. By honing in on employees who consistently show up late or leave early, you’re able to take the appropriate steps to rectify the problem.

Easy Install

If you have 10 minutes, you can install MintuteHound’s time and attendance system. Its plug-and-play functionality has revolutionized timekeeping as we know it. Simply plug the USB into your computer, download the software and start registering your employees. In addition, your time and attendance system is 100 percent portable, so you have the ability to install it on any computer you choose. It’s that simple!

Happier Employees

When your employees are happy, productivity improves. But how does MinuteHound’s time and attendance system accomplish this? Without having to remember lengthy passwords or keep track of ID badges, employees are able to focus on their work. In addition, without the inaccuracies of traditional timekeeping methods, employees have the piece of mind that they will receive their pay on time. A reduction in frustration levels equates to an increase in productivity across the board.

Running a tight ship is what makes the cash register ring. Inquire today about MinuteHound’s time and attendance systems!

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