Biometric Time Clock- This Is How A Business Saves Money

MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock: The Next Step in the Evolution of Workforce Management

Life’s complications have positioned one of your best employees to arrive late and tarnish his impeccable attendance record, but a sympathetic co-worker has clocked the potentially tardy individual in on time. The aforementioned case is an example of what’s known as “buddy punching,” a form of workplace time theft. A biometric time clock from MinuteHound eliminates the ability for your employees to use another person’s credentials to clock the individual in or out, removing one more ethical gray area from your workplace and maximizing the accuracy of your organization’s attendance reporting.

Exploring the Benefits of a Biometric Time Clock and Cloud-Based Time Sheets
A biometric time clock from MinuteHound enables employees to clock in or out with only the touch of a finger. There’s no hassle of updating passwords periodically or forgetting login credentials when your organization uses a biometric time clock. User identification data upload through a biometric timeclock from MinuteHound is converted into binary, encrypted and transmitted securely to cloud-based time sheets.

MinuteHound stands alone in its ability to offer a system that sourced entirely from web servers, due to its patent on cloud-based biometric identification. Because MinuteHound’s attendance software is based on web servers, it can send out email and text messages to notify employees when they are late. The messages can be sent to multiple employees, enabling them to plan and adjust around the tardiness. If there are too few or too many employees on the time clock, MinuteHound can notify managers of the situation via email or text messages as well.

Rolling Out a Biometric Time Clock at Your Workplace
A biometric time clock from MinuteHound can by installed on just about any web-connected computer that has a USB port — you can use your workplace’s existing computer systems. Setup of a MinuteHound’s biometric time clock requires only a driver installation and insertion into a USB port.

Save Money. Be Happy! Attendance Software Free!MinuteHound’s biometric time clocks can function seamlessly across multiple locations and can be shared by separate organizations. Biometric input from satellite offices can be uploaded to a singular databases. A MinuteHound biometric time clock can securely route input from employees of different departments.

Push Workforce Management Forward with MinuteHound
Start enjoying the efficiency and accuracy of a MinuteHound biometric time clock today. You stand to a two to eight percent reduction in payroll cost when you use one of MinuteHound’s biometric time clocks, according to the American Payroll Association.

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