Biometric Time and Attendance- Employee Automatic Reports

Patented Biometric Time and Attendance Clock Reduces Costs

Reducing payroll and labor costs is easy to do when installing the MinuteHound time and attendance clock and making it impossible for workers to commit time card fraud. The patented biometric time clock scans workers’ fingerprints instead of having them punching time cards, which makes it impossible for one worker to clock in another worker. The biometric time and attendance clock also provides instantaneous and cloud-based reporting via wireless Internet for faster payroll computations and ensuring all workers are on the clock and where they need to be.

Cloud-Based Biometric Time and Attendance Reports
Because the MinuteHound biometric time and attendance clock produces instantaneous reports and streams them via could-based technology, employers can keep track of their up-to-the-minute labor costs. If business conditions warrant, workers can have more hours added or subtracted to boost profitability. The information is encrypted when transferred via the cloud to prevent unwarranted access from third parties. But the biometric time and attendance clock reports appear in real time and are available in only a moment’s notice any time of the day or night. Work supervisors and managers can keep track of how particular shifts are progressing and better tell whether or not they need to make significant scheduling adjustments to improve profitability.

More Accurate Payroll Processing With Biometric Time and Attendance
128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeBecause the patented MinuteHound is programmed to instantly compile and track each employees hours worked, doing the payroll is very simple to do. Instead of having a payroll department sift through individual time cards and tallying up hours worked and wages earned, the MinuteHound biometric time and attendance reports automatically compile the payroll information and reports. Employers need to just write the checks and ensure the money is there to cover them. Because the time clock produces real-time reports that can be accessed at any time of day or night, most job providers should save money on their payroll costs while wiping out time card fraud. That means most of them should have the funds available to pay their workers on time.

More Time Working and Less Time Wasted
Because the MinuteHound biometric time and attendance clock pretty much compiles all payroll information automatically, the American Payroll Association says businesses can save up to 8 percent on their payroll costs by using the advanced system. It’s patented technology makes the MinuteHound the only cloud-based biometric time and attendance reporting system available. The money saved on time card fraud, payroll errors and reduced payroll computation costs make the MinuteHound a great business investment.

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