Biometric Time Punch- Most Accurate Way To Record Employee Attendance

Time Punch- Differences and Advantages

Whether your company has been around for a number of decades or it’s fairly new to the business world, you have probably experimented with at least a few different types of time punch software and programs. None of them have given you what you wanted. There is a huge difference between having employees sign a piece of paper and having them verify their attendance. MinuteHound requires a biometric time punch for an employee to record their time.

MinuteHound’s time punch program is so easy to use. When it arrives, you will see that the software is plug-and-play. If it comes on a Thursday, there’s no need to wait until next Monday to do it. You can start using it now. There is no training required. No learning curves to overcome.

Biometric Time Punch Is The Perfect Solution For All Sizes

You may also have a timekeeping system that is too big or too small for your company. That will not be a problem with MinuteHound’s time punch problem. Whether you are a small, family-owned business or a gigantic corporation, MinuteHound will help to make a plan that works for you. Pricing plans are geared so that business owners only have to pay for what they need.

MinuteHound Wants You to Be Happy
Some other companies do not care what happens with the product once you have it. However, with this time punch program, attention will be paid to your satisfaction. Customer service is always available. If a problem does come up, you can address it right away. Also, the software is risk free, and it comes without an obligation.

It Saves You Money
128-Bit Data EncryptionYou don’t usually think of paying employees as a method for saving money. With this time punch system, it can be. MinuteHound uses a fingerprint swipe to clock people in and out of the system. Since the time punch software is so accurate, you won’t end up paying employees for time they did not work. Also, employees cannot swipe in for one another. All forms of cheating are officially over with MinuteHound’s biometric time punch.

Employees Will Love Using The Biometric Time Punch

Chances are, your employees would like their timekeeping experiences to be simpler as well. Since the program does not need a dedicated computer, you can put it anywhere in the office. Select a spot that employees generally walk by so that it works for them. They will also like this time punch software because it is safe. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption. This means that your employees’ information is not visible to anyone else. They do not have to worry about someone stealing their information.

Choosing the right time punch software is very important for a business. Selecting the right software program means that the company will save more money and have smoother business happenings.

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Biometric Time & AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Time Punch System.

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