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Web Based Timesheet- Employee Time and Attendance System

Pretty much everyone is familiar with Excel or PDF files, and MinuteHound’s web based timesheet is just that! Think of the current method of your employees: they arrive to work, sign-in on a time card, swipe a card, or enter in their pin/password combination. Then, a manager or payroll clerk has to take those times and use other software to pay them. This process is not only long and frustrating, it completely relies on how honest the employees are. All employees fudge numbers, make mistakes, and/or cover for friends. That is why every business needs to upgrade to MinuteHound, for superior technology with easy to use features, such as the web based timesheet.

Let’s take a step back and explain how MinuteHound works: a business purchases the biometric scanner, which is the physical time clock/device that employees will use to place their finger on to record their time. It is the size of a computer mouse, and plugs into any computer. It ships within 3-5 days to any U.S. based address. It takes about 5 minutes for the installation, as its very user friendly and comes with step-by-step instructions. Once installed, its ready to use!

FYI: This is a great link for some Free Time Tracking Spreadsheets

The Web Based Timesheet For Business Use

Once MinuteHound is installed and the scanner ready for use, from this point on the entire office is digital. The web based timesheet is a digital printout of hours. Employees can log-in and view their hours, but change nothing. Managers on the other hand can log-in and view/change/modify and even conduct payroll! MinuteHound encrypts all information, so there is never any privacy issues. Totally secure and completely reliable. The web based timesheet can be viewed online, or downloaded into Excel, ASCII, or PDF at anytime.

Use The Web Based Timesheet from AnywhereBusinesses who use MinuteHound save up to 8% off of their payroll costs. The web based timesheet saves so much money and time. No more errors to worry about or counting any time cards. All the times are displayed online easily for quick checks on staff activity. MinuteHound even allows for alerts to be created if anyone shows up late or leaves early. MinuteHound is a true solution and the web based timesheet is a convenience that every business owner needs to take advantage of.

How The Web Based Timesheet Affects The Bottom-Line

Green is always good to see at the end of the month, and MinuteHound helps you get there! MinuteHound is green technology, so no more worrying about paper time cards or sheets for employees. In addition, the web based timesheet is so easy to use, more payroll clerk positions can be done away with. All the time and attendance reports will be ready for download at anytime, no work needed besides sending off to be processed. Employees can no longer cheat, as biometrics ensure honesty. Upgrade to MinuteHound risk free today!

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MinuteHound Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Web Based Timesheet.

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