Biometric Time Punching Machine- Attendance For Employees And Staff

Comparing MinuteHound to Old-Fashioned Methods: Which One is Better?

Companies from all different fields are looking for ways to save more money. They may wonder what a time punching machine has to do with this goal. However, many business funds are lost every year because of inaccurate time punches and swipes. Comparing MinuteHound’s time punching machine to some more old-fashioned methods will serve to highlight the benefits of the former.

Exact Accuracy
Many businesses have problems because their time-keeping systems are unable to record the hours worked down to the minute. Employees might be asked to round their hours, which can result in money being spent on minutes that were not actually worked. This time punching machine is going to track the minute your employees come in until the minute that they leave for the door. You need not worry about any extra time being charged to the company’s account.

Alerts to The Boss
Plenty of different time-keeping systems exist that are efficient in their own ways. However, when it comes to sending alerts, none of them can act in the way that MinuteHound’s time punching machine can. Instead of having to worry about whether or not your employees are actually on the job, you can know for sure. If someone does not show up for a scheduled shift or leaves before he or she is supposed to, this time punching machine can send an email or a text message to a designated party. A replacement can be found, and the boss can seek out the missing employee.

Safe and Secure
Time and Attendance Systems 128-Bit EncryptionWhen you are dealing with timesheets and other types of recording, the safety of your employees could be risk. For example, sheets might be sent from department to department that contain sensitive details about your employees. With MinuteHound’s time punching machine, all of their information can be kept confidential. Even though employees will use their fingerprints to sign into the system, they do not have to worry about a thing. The system uses 128-bit encryption, so all of their information will be safe. Clearly, the process provides both efficiency and security that benefits you and your employees.

Help is Available
If an employee has a question about a timesheet, he or she might not find an answer if the administrative assistant is not in. In the event that something goes awry with a computer log-in system, the technology department might be closed. With MinuteHound’s time punching machine, assistance is available at all hours of the day. Customer service can help you and your employees to never miss a swipe-in or swipe-out again.

When this time punching machine is compared to other ways of recording the hours that employees work, you can clearly see that this system has plenty of advantages.

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