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A Revolution in Payroll Technology

Employers have long struggled with the difficulties of remotely tracking employee work and attendance. While the invention of time clock technology greatly increased the efficiency of remote supervision and payroll management, problems in the form of payroll errors and abuse seemed unsolvable. Now, for the first time in history, there is a satisfactory and efficient answer to these problems: the MinuteHound Time Clock. The MinuteHound system, which includes all of the necessary software and materials right out of the box, eliminates the most common payroll errors while making it impossible for payroll tampering to occur. Through its innovative technology and reliability, MinuteHound has saved thousands of dollars for employers around the world.

MinuteHound works through a biometric, or fingerprint-based, punch-in time clock system. This simplification upon the traditional time clock system will render buddy punching, payroll cheating, and other forms of time theft a thing of the past. Unlike traditional ID badges or punch cards, fingerprints cannot be shared between employees. The American Payroll Association estimates that such time theft accounts for as much as a tenth of the cost of doing payroll for some companies, with the total amount of net wealth lost exceeding 148 billion dollars. We sincerely hope that MinuteHound’s biometric time clock technology will begin reducing this number, and building a more efficient and productive world for everyone.

The Time Clock That Never Stops Working

The actual biometric time clock is only half of the beauty of MinuteHound, however. Our product allows employers to conveniently monitor their workers on the job. The employer can even easily adjust his or her time clock setup and the employees working specific jobs from a mobile device, allowing an unprecedented level of flexibility while working offsite. This is optional, however: the software component of the MinuteHound system is designed to operate with little input from managers, instead saving your business money quietly in the background.

Cloud Computring File SecurityOne of the biggest advantages of MinuteHound over more traditional time clock systems is its ease of use. The software has an extremely low learning curve, being designed with employers and employees of all levels of technological proficiency in mind. Initial setup takes less than ten minutes, and future employees can be added to the system in a matter of seconds. Should you encounter trouble with the system, MinuteHound’s helpful technicians are trained in providing help for any size of business.

Best of all, MinuteHound’s unique business model has been custom tailored to appeal to cautious managers. MinuteHound is not only a product, but a service, meaning that the user can cancel at any time. Should you choose to discontinue the use of the MinuteHound system, simply mail back the biometric time clock apparatus and MinuteHound will quickly refund your initial investment for the time clock.

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