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The Biometric Time Recorder: Optimize the Use of Your Time

Manual timesheets and punch cards have a number of problems that can only be solved by using a biometric time recorder. Jeanette sighed. She watched her children play in the park and looked down at the work lying before her. She had been forced to carry the timesheets home with her so that she could finish compiling them on time, so that employees’ payments could be ready before end month. The management wasn’t keen on switching to a biometric time recorder that Jeanette had recommended.

The Problem: Punch Cards and Paper Timesheets
The punch cards used at the moment were time-consuming when it came to collecting time and calculating total hours for each employee. Jeanette also had to enter the time manually in multiple places each week. The timesheets were also prone to error because it was difficult to distinguish time data entered by hand. Additionally, lack of employee verification led to buddy punching.

The Solution: Biometric Time Recorder
The solution to Jeanette’s problem and any other manager out there is the biometric time recorder. This system makes it easier for you to record entry and exit times for your employees. The system is easy to use and fast, which allows all managers to have more time for core business activities.

The biometric time recorder requires a fingerprint for employee verification. The employee places his or her fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner and that would be all. This information is stored on a web-based location (the “cloud”) which allows for easy access.

The Biometric Time Recorder Eliminates “Buddy Punching”
Buddy punching is a result of lack of proper employee verification. A biometric time recorder makes it easy to verify an employee, which means an employee cannot clock in for any other person. You will know whoever is present or absent at all times by just logging into the system.

Comprehensive Reporting Function
128-Bit Data EncryptionThe biometric time recorder comes with a reporting function that provides comprehensive information about employee attendance. Here, the system automatically generates reports in real-time. These reports can be integrated into any existing company network. In case there is any complaint from a worker, it is easy to confirm from the available reports.

Timely Alerts
At times, an employee might forget to clock into the system, which shows that he or she is absent. In such a situation, the system alerts you the manager that someone hasn’t clocked in, and also sends a reminder to that employee.

Biometric Time Recorder Saves Payroll Expenses
It doesn’t matter whether you are an established company or just starting out. The biometric time recorder helps eliminate time theft thus saves you money, while making the process easy for you and your employees.

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