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Biometric Time Recording Leaves Other Methods in the Dust

MinuteHound has the biometric time recording for use by large businesses with multiple locations. Now it’s available to small and midsize businesses as well. Regardless of size, this technology can now be used by everyone in order to save money and gain control of employee time and attendance. Biometric time recording is a system that truly works and can be utilized in any environment.

What Features Make the MinuteHound™ Biometric Time Recording System So Cutting Edge?

  • You don’t need a dedicated computer as your clock-in terminal. Any computer at your facility that has an internet connection can become a time clock because the biometric time recording software runs in the background without interfering with the computer’s normal function.
  • The system is designed for ease of installation and use with no training required, but if you need help, live customer support is always available. Installation should take less than 10 minutes.
  • After you download the time clock software and plug in the fingerprint scanner, you’ll be ready to go.
  • There is no limit to the number of users because the MinuteHound™ Biometric Time Recording System is easily scalable.
  • Enrolling employees takes only one to two minutes per employee.

Is the Information Easily Accessible?

  • Designated managers can set up a variety of reports that they can access via another computer, a smart phone, or an iPad. Alerts can be set up to notify managers of hours outside of the normal work day to avoid unapproved overtime or any other deviation from the schedule.
  • Because the information is stored in the cloud, the biometric time recording system is able to provide the information in real time.
  • The cloud also ensures you won’t lose any data if you experience a power outage or computer crash.
  • You can easily export detailed time and attendance data for payroll into commonly used accounting systems, and the control panel enables managers to enter holidays and sick days.

What if Employees Object to the Fingerprint Aspect of Biometric Time Recording?

Biometric Time Recording
You can reassure your employees that when their fingerprint is captured by the scanner, it’s converted into an encrypted 128-bit number that can’t be reverse engineered from the number string. The system doesn’t store the actual fingerprint image.

How Does the MinuteHound™ Biometric Time Recording System Save Money?

  • Payroll costs are reduced because of the automatic reports produced by the system that eliminate the need for reconciling time cards and computing pay, so you save in accounting labor costs as well as the inevitable cost of human error.
  • The software includes a toolbox of resources to help reduce costs.
  • By eliminating buddy punching, time theft will be a thing of the past, especially with specific alerts designed to notify designated managers of inconsistencies in shift schedules.

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MinuteHound Biometric Time Recording.

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