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MinuteHound Introduces Biometric Time Recording

The time has come for companies to implement a new clock-in structure that is accurate and easy to use. MinuteHound developed a cloud based attendance software system that uses a fingerprint for identification purposes. It can be installed onto any computer that has internet access. Biometric time recording is a fool-proof way for employers to track and verify hours worked. MinuteHound has changed the way people clock in while giving companies more information than ever before.

Small and large businesses can benefit from using the biometric time recording payroll system from MinuteHound. Many companies across the nation have noticed a significant financial savings from day one with this money saving software. Payroll costs are one of the highest expenditures, which is often the result of inefficient time and attendance. The biometric time recording puts an end to buddy punching, time card errors, unapproved overtime, time card manipulation, and guarantees an accurate record of attendance.

Keeping the Record Straight

The old fashioned way of accounting was time consuming and complicated. The new biometric time recording program makes the entire process easier and faster than ever before. Payroll processing with MinuteHound is done by using detailed time and attendance data that can be imported directly into the accounting system. It can be customized based on the individual business and can alert the user of any changes or concerns. The biometric time recording program has a high level of security that protects both the company and the employee.

The biometric time recording system can be accessed through the MinuteHound portal from an iPad or tablet. This remote access allows users the ability to view time and attendance reports from any part of the world. Staffing adjustments can be made instantly, saving the company time and money. This data is retrieved from encrypted storage and is available simply by logging on. The new biometric time recording technology frees up time that is better spent on making the company a success.

Put Biometric Time Recording Technology To Work!

The old adage of time is money rings true when it comes to payroll and time sheets. Biometric time recording offers a paper free way to clock in and is a true time saver. The accurate data that is collected is all in one place with reports that are easy to access and are generated automatically. Startup time on the MinuteHound is minimal and takes no special training. People can start saving money right from the get go without worrying about any adjustment time. Utilizing the fingerprint clock in is the only true way to guarantee a secure system. It is time to take control of the business by using MinuteHound biometric time recording when employees clock in and out.

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